Saturday, December 3, 2022

Speaking your mind, really?

 One of a Kind:

Another one of a kind RV!

For today:

Lying abed for two days with time to think, can be dangerous. I started noticing what my mind was doing when I wasn’t actively using it. That may sound strange, but left idle, my mind goes around the world.

Makes me wonder if I can control my mind.  When I think, I remember the few folks who say, “I speak my mind!”  They do speak out of time and many times hurting the feelings of the hearer.

Now thinking back there are many times I wanted to ‘SPEAK what was on my mind,’ but knew it would do irreversible damage to a relationship.

Being ‘frank’ is different than ‘speaking one’s mind.’ Frankness should also be guarded, but most times it is appreciated.

I can only speak for myself, my thoughts on many subjects are contrary to the standard line of thinking. Not that they are wrong nor my personal beliefs, it is just thoughts. I find it hard to control my mind’s path. Many times it roams all over the world in seconds, much faster than it could be put in words.

Yesterday just lying there I remember mama talking about certain foods can cure ills. The thought of steak & eggs came to mind, in less than a second I was sitting at a table on Corfu, a Greek Island. I was 17 or 18.

(Jenson, Sebode, & Darnell)

One of my mates said, “Let’s splurge and have steak and eggs.  I had never even heard of having ‘steak & eggs’. Ham and eggs of course. I agreed and we placed the order.  The owner called two boys over and spoke to them they both ran in different directions. We were enjoying our drinks when they returned, one carrying eggs the other meat.

WE enjoyed the meal, I learned Steak and eggs are great, although we have enjoyed it very seldom over the years.

I used that to illustrate how fast our mind travels, faster than the speed of light. Okay maybe the same, it would take light about 2 hundredths of a second for light to go 5000 miles. I think my mind was in Corfu in about that time, LOL


Maybe even faster since I had to go not only about 5000 miles but back 60+ years in time ;-).

That is a magic of this mind God gave us, we can actually time-travel in our minds. My mind just heard this… (I will take a few minutes to find it)

We used to smooch to this 'hundreds of years ago' (LOL) but the memories still stay!!! 

Sherry just heard me playing this and said, "Hey, that was before & after we got married!" (See how fast the mind can travel back 65 yrs to NC from Florida?)

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Woody said...

I had Covid, I also have COPD, I use VICKS VAPO RUB on outside of my throat and chest and on on myy back to relieve the pressure and the coughing, it helped a great deal, *(My Doctor also does the same thing !) I also use HALL'S MENTHO LYPTUS Honey and Lemon Cough Drops when my Throat hurts which also helps my Btreathing !
I have "ELDERBERRY COUGH DROPS" that i use daily as Elderberry after boiled and strained is good for ones Health !
Hoping you get "Ship Shape" soon ! Sending down Love, Wellness Prayers: Gary and Anna Mae !

Susan Kane said...

Steak and eggs would be darn good. We had the Covid curse back in May, felt better end of June. But, he will have surgery in January for prostate. We are awfully fragile.
Well, Jack. Corfu must have been beautiful.It would be a place to keep in you mind palace. My mind palace has a lot of Ireland with castles, Irish shepherd's pie, and some Guinness.
Talk with you later on. That is that strangest vehicle yet.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I prefer ham and eggs myself, And I go back in time often. The mind is a wondrous thing !

Mevely317 said...

What a good-looking group of 'mates'! We don't often go to Cracker Barrel, but when we do, steak and eggs is my favorite meal.
Time travel? I do that all the time ... usually unintentionally! Aren't our minds marvelous machines?

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Does the mind travel faster than the speed of light? I was going down the stairs and for some unknown reason I switched off the lights. It was dark and I fell down the stairs; faster than light and my mind which eventually realised it hurts.

God bless.