Sunday, December 11, 2022

Complaints in Life

 Today’s one of a kind:

 Custom log motor home.....

Some thoughts for today:

I remember a religious joke from my youth that comes to mind today:

A lady who did not need to buy a dress, just had to try a pretty one on at the Clothing Store. Looking in the mirror she liked it, and she heard the ‘devil’ say, “It is beautiful, you should…”

She interrupted the devil and said, “Get thee behind me satan!”  So he did!

Then satan whispered, “It looks great from the back also!”

Headlines on my news feed today featured a ‘bad’ report of nurses who made a video about things they did not like about patients. I read the comments of many folks about sending these nurses to hell for being nasty.  I thought and I commented, ”These may be very good nurses who just needed to vent.  They chose the wrong media to do it. In my opinion EVERYONE at times has been irritated by some over bearing person, but stayed professional and treated them well, but later unloaded to a friend."

"Cops, salesmen, preachers, priests, doctors, secretaries, workers, bosses, contractors etc, most do it. To hold it in hurts. I have two DILs who are nurses. They have been brought to tears by demanding patients but still treated them well." 

People, like those nurses, if they have good records, should be warned about their choice of outlet and let them continue a profession they love.

Today with ALL the social media, it is too easy to be caught being yourself, AT THE WRONG TIME!!!…

You probably know of the person who feels good, until someone tells them they look sick, and they start feeling bad.

NOW, I do not know for sure, but methinks most folk (USA) accepted the football team ‘Red Skins’ for what it was, the name of a team. UNTIL someone said it was demeaning. NOW PLEASE, this is an opinion, MINE ALONE! To be honest most of my life they were called the ‘SKINS’ and it was NEVER mean, but meant to be a thing of pride related to the Native American.

I am smiling now, because this DOES affect my family and friends. Our local HS football team is the “RED RAIDERS.” My wife, her friends, our Grands' are UPSET! A group now  claim they cannot abide the name and attend a school that demeans the Native American.

Some are % Cherokee. The athletes were proud to be compared to the agility, speed, and abilities of the Native Americans. Whites are proud of their skin, Blacks are proud of their skin.

I remember singing: Red and Yellow, Black and white we are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the children of the world…..



Victor S E Moubarak said...

Some people easily take offence. I take offence when my comments don't appear on your posts. Your Blogger system is either deleting them or sending them to the SPAM folder. Now I grew up loving Spam; but this is getting to be a step too far. Also, I took offence when my wife asked me to paint the garden fence; so I painted the gate as well.

For Christmas, I bought her a trampoline instead of our old bed. She hit the roof.

God bless.

NanaDiana said...

I remember that song, too. I suppose it is prohibited to be sung now. Not to make a pun--but I think our skins are too thin sometimes and people take offense where none is meant. I don't think every name that has Red in it demeans the Native Americans. I think God looks at us as all one race-the human race and it's too bad we can't look at each other the same way.

Loved the church lady joke. xo Diana

Chatty Crone said...

Everyone has an off day...

Mevely317 said...

Two things. First, I'm soooo over the native Americans (or ?) who take offense at labels like the Redskins. There was a famous mountain in Phoenix everyone called "Squaw Peak" until the libs began to scream; thus, they changed the name. I want to say, "Get over yourself, already!" (But no-one's listening.)
I totally get the need to vent about customers/patients, etc., but social media's sure not the place to do it. Good on your DIL's for having the maturity to remain professional.

yaya said...

Your comment about the nurses posting a video about patients hit home for me. No, I never posted anything like that but our boss in our department of surgery just told us that under no circumstances are we to post anything about the hospital or patients on social media. A couple of our nurses did something on Facebook that almost got them fired. We vent with each other but it stops there. Our baseball team changed their name from the Cleveland Indians to the Guardians. I don't quite understand all the hoopla but the team did do better this year with a new name! Have a good week Jack and Sherry!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Here in Cleveland Ohio we no longer have the Cleveland Indians Baseball team, we now have the Guardians and some people are no longer celebrating Columbus Day. I think people are taking this too far.