Thursday, April 30, 2020

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Autos of beauty:  I don't know what this is but I sure like it. I'm guessing mid 30s and French or German.

For today, (Friday): 

NEWS? I know the producers and planners of click bait like: ‘Officer opens up on Ted Kennedy’s accident,’ don’t give a flip about my opinion. But in my opinion real news needs to be TOLD, not ‘click to see next page!’  If it is really important for the public, then tell us.

I lived thru the period of ‘news notes’ that said, “Officer shot in Charlotte, story at eleven.”  I didn’t mind that too much because I usually stayed up until the 11 PM news.

I am also sorta sick of the term ‘trolling.’  I have no idea what that means, but ‘click next page’ seems like trolling to me. Trolling is a fishing term, or it always has been. As a matter of fact trolling is my favorite type of fishing. Sherry and I used to troll for 3-4 hours a day in Lake Manatee in Florida.
 (Trolling in our 'fold-a-bote')
We caught enough fish for two big fish fries a week with more in the freezer. We could slowly troll and read our books or talk. When we got a hit, I would take the  fish off and put it in the live well and continue.

I guess trolling means trying to get you to bite on some story, but I don’t know that. Every time I see the term ‘trolling’ all I can think of is fishing.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Staying busy and I ain’t ‘no’ engineer!

 Autos of beauty
  The '64 Corvair. We owned one while in Gitmo. It drove like a sports car. I don't think Mr. Nader should have fought it until he killed it. The sucker did leak oil, LOL
For today (Thursday):

Yeah, I know that is a double negative (Sherry says so!) We  have a large 12x24 deck out back. I keep the lawn mowers and ‘stuff’ under there.

I had the great idea to dry it out with Tarps. So I rigged tarps to shed the water, man it looked good. Looked to me like it would shed water it had plenty of fall and ‘I thought’ support.

I never pictured 50-100 gallons of water finding a way to stay up there. I also didn’t plan on getting soaked when I took a push broom and pushed up on the big bulges, LOL.

I cleared it up and added more supports. The last rain was a deluge; it filled the tarps and my fake roof crashed.

Now it is time to quit child’s play. This calls for serious planning stud walls, a metal roof and a floor. Giving us over 200 sqft of dry storage
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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

When it is close, things become different...

That Car

1964 Mustang was one big hit by Ford.

Now for Wednesday..
Harold Woods, a good friend went to the majors to play ball.
Butch Harris, a nephew of Sherry’s, was picked to go to the majors.
Now another local boy, Tanner Muse out of Clemson is going to the Raiders. I do not know him, but a nurse came by to evaluate Sister Shirley once. I noticed her name tag said ‘Muse’. As she was leaving I asked if she knew Bill Muse (An old friend of mine now deceased). She smiled, “Yes, Bill was my father in law.” We talked more; her son’s name did not come up. I am not much on sports but have heard Sherry talk about Tanner doing great at Clemson.
When she left Sherry told me the nurse was Tanner’s mama.

Bill Muse drove one of these, the '51 Studebaker

I know old Bill and wife Brenda would be busting their buttons with pride if they were alive. When things are close, they make a difference in your attitudes. I normally wouldn’t give the NFL Draft 30 seconds. But I do ask about it because Bill and I were close. It is his grandson.
We are close to our kids and grands like normal ‘older’ folk. When I can I like to ‘repair’ ‘family’ household problems; leaks, shorts etc.
I forget situations and had planned to visit Josh, Megan and Rosey to check on a couple problems over there. Son Jackie reminded me of the Coronavirus situation; he made a statement I could relate to.
Jackie said, “Dad I deliver blood and other samples to be checked for the virus. I am in and out hospitals and labs every day. I won’t go near the grands right now. If I accidentally passed that virus to my kids or grands I would never forgive myself.”  That was Jack Jr. as a dad.
When Jack said that I remembered his son Ben’s statement as a young father: A few years ago we were taking the family on a cruise. Ben in Utah, has a fear of flying, his daughter Elsie, was going to fly out. I was working train and bus schedules for Ben and it was tough. I got a call from Ben, “Grandpa, I am going to fly with Elsie. If something was to happen to her, I would not want to live anyway.” That statement of his love brought tears to my eyes.
Don’t you love real family ties?
So after all my plans to help, my mind again KNEW the Coronavirus was real; you don’t forget when it touches your family, losing a first cousin to the virus, it did become MORE  REAL.
So I will wait until a safer time. ;-)

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A line or two ;-)

Cars of beauty:

 This 1950 Mercury was the subject of many 1950-60s customized cars (featured from the net)

For today Tuesday:
I laughed out loud when I read some comments. A day or so ago it was a line by Susan Kane
,  Concerning singing. She said she was a pretty good singer, problem is, she only knew one or two lines of every song.  I laughed because I am REALLY the same.  There are times I wear that line out, and I know Sherry gets tired of that. LOL
Growing up I knew every verse of religious songs because we attended church 4 or 5 times a week, and would sing the same songs for a year, then next year add some.
Kids are sacrilegious (*even in very fundamental churches). Outside the church boys would sing loudly, “On a hill faraway stood an old Chevrolet, it’s upholstery tattered and torn, etc.” There were many more. Mama woulda “tanned my hide” had she heard me sing the substitute lines.

That said, I had two brothers in law, Jim, Shirley’s hubby and Vernon, Sherry’s brother (still alive and kicking at 87), who knew every word of hundreds of songs.(Most of the songs from the 40-50s eras.) When they got together they would try to stump each other, I never saw it happen. 

Strange thing about memory, evidently it has very little to do with education. Jim was a graduate of NC State and Vernon never made it to High School. Since like Susan (above) I only knew one line I was amazed to hear the words to songs like “Mr. Bo Jangles”, “I’m My own Grandpa” and “Mares eat Oats”.

Strange what one line in a comment can generate. Huh?

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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Me ‘n Turbo Tax

 Cars of beauty:
This 1956 Buick was new the first time I filed my taxes.

For today Monday:
I sit here about 2 feet from Sherry. I guess that is OK since we slept together last night, LOL. I admire this girl as well as love the daylights out of her. I watch her type as she comments on some family thing on Facebook. She is still a secretary. Fingers flying over the keys as she looks at the monitor. I am a self-taught typist, and watch my keys more than the screen. There are times I have typed two sentences and nothing was appearing on the monitor and I didn’t know.
She loved Shorthand she says, but very seldom has used it. Some of you  have been efficient at secretary or clerking skills.
That leads up to my TAX time stuff. I finally decided on TURBOTAX, since it was used by a couple in the family, and they liked it. Well I am not a fan of TAX HELP. This was my first try. I bought only the basic for Fed tax since Florida does not have a state tax.
I ‘ain’t’ smart enough to use this, but since I had paid $38 for it, I went thru it. I didn’t believe it, so I did them the hard way.

The above is the floor beside my chair since I don’t have a desk right here.


This is my math for the 19 steps of mathematical gyrations to get the amount of Social Security that is taxable. I read the instructions on the screen and did the math on my scratch paper. Then I printed the form for some reason. I got afraid of my math and used a calculator to check my figures, they were right. LOL

I did do a ‘little better’, $4 on taxes owed, then decided to go with Turbo since the forms were already filled out. They say we owe $344, so Sherry reluctantly wrote the check. LOL
I am sure she is just glad the forms are filled out and in the mail. This is a little unusual, we normally get a small refund.  BUT they do have a new form now, it is labeled 1040-SR for seniors. I saw very little difference.
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