Monday, April 13, 2020

The end is near!

Unique Cars?:

  I just might be as weird as this vehicle looks. LOL

 For today (Tuesday):
The painting is done; the final trim work on the electrical is completed. I am expecting to see no leaks this morning as I hook up the water to the commode and vanity.

The Water proof flooring is now down. Shower is done except for the entry trim.
I need a door and trim hung and painted; some base board and a mirror. The major work is done.
I would have been done days ago, but my forgetter was working overtime:

Where did I put my tape?
I know my hammer was right here!
Pencil? I had 5 surely one is within reach!
And the list goes on.

And that honest OLD AGE thing got me. Walking over to cut a board 22 inches, I noticed I had not emptied the vacuum, so I did. And forgot what I was doing, the measurement was GONE! That happened a million times. LOL If I was working by the hour someone would have been upset. If I had taken the job at a good price, I would go hungry.

BUT I am retired, and this is fun, really!

Oh yes about Mr ZORRO, I haven’t seen him even on the camera in weeks. Sure makes me wonder.
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Woody said...

I measured that opening 2 times and still cut the board short, Now is it black to white or white to black in that junction box, is gold black and silver white on that switch, I never had so many issues years ago, "I Do Now" ! Worse is I could not nor would I try to do the physical work you do, Cutting out a door in cinder blocks, putting in door frames, Using my arms over my head !! You sure are in good shape ! Don't overdo, Sending down Love and you can send up warm weather ! Gary an Anna Mae !

Mevely317 said...

Sure glad to know Tom's in good company! (I'M not old enough … heh-heh-heh.) As ever, big thanks for the smiles. Have a sweet day!

betty said...

I wondered about Mr. Zorro. Did he go and try to make his own way? Good for you for getting that project completed!! Even if it took you a bit more time because of distractions, it still was a job well done!


Lisa said...

I can’t wait til you can get some pictures of those babies. Give them about 4-6 weeks and they will be climbing around everywhere. Always check under you tires and in the motor before going anywhere. They love climbing up and around cars.

bored in gtown

Spare Parts and Pics said...

LOL. I have the same issues all the time. As I get older, I find it more difficult to hold facts in my head (whether it's measurements or where did I put my coffee cup!!). Glad you are keeping busy.

Susan Kane said...

Husband does the same, with me right behind him. I have learned that, when wrapping presents, cut the paper about 6 inches more. Even so, I am always 2 inches short.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The nice thing about getting older is that we have more time to handle what takes us more time to do. Strange that Zorro has disappeared, yet you have seen his mama. Hope he's ok, but it does make one wonder. Glad your job is almost done, but I be willing to bet you have another lined up.