Saturday, April 11, 2020

HAPPY EASTER & a surprise

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For today, (Sunday):

Oh yes for all Christians over the world this will be one Easter we will remember. Definitely different no major Easter egg hunts, the largest congregations for most churches is on Easter. We will see and listen to our pastor on the internet.

I will not fault anyone who feels gathering in a building to be with other family, friends and loved ones to celebrate the resurrection. If I were a pastor I would hold the present course of guidelines from Federal, state, and local authorities. 

I think in our country, ordering churches closed is wrong, I think it should be STRONGLY ADVISED.  It is strange to me that Church leaders would go against medical advice. Shucks, at another time if colds or the flu was rampant, no one would even question not going to church to endanger the family with a simple cold. Considering this is not your simple contagious cold, it is a killer virus. You can catch it from someone who looks healthy, but has the virus but doesn’t know it yet. So if you avoid a cold, why would you not want to avoid a possible killer? Losing family or kin changes an attitude.
We will worship at home and pray that those who dare to assemble do not get the virus.

But on a happy note all is well here. Stormy has her puppies, I offered her a great maternity ward and she chose a back porch JUNK pile. She was so sweet Sat morning. She came in the basement where I was working. I stopped to talk for a while and she went outside. She appeared to be waiting. Surprise, I went out and with some coaching she took me to her ‘nest’ in the trash next door. I could not see the kitties. All I could see was her eyes once she got in. I took her a small cup of milk and worked it back thru the obstacles. She drank every drop.
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Congrats to Stormy. Instead of Easter chicks you hav Easter Kits there! Nice surprise that she took you to her nest. Glad all is well for her. I'm staying home and streaming church today too. No since in taking chances we don't need to. Hope you two have a very Happy Easter Day !

betty said...

Oh how sweet with Stormy! Of course being a woman she is going to make her own choice of where to have her kittens! I bet she will enjoy all the milk and food you give her. I will be curious how many she had!

We too will watch our church service online. A few weeks ago we took a drive on a Sunday morn and saw a church having an outside service. All were social distancing. It was a small church. Will have to drive by thus morning and see if they are meeting like that today.

Happy Easter Sherry and Jack!


NanaDiana said...

I am with you- I don't understand why people would gather knowing what we know. It doesn't make sense and I think God wants us to use our brains rather than rail against those who know more than we do...but...again--that is their choice.

Love that you have new babies in the 'junk pile'...even in the midst of sickness and death there are small joys. Can't wait to see the babies.

Easter love and blessings to you and Sherry. xo Diana

Dar said...

Easter is, indeed, the biggest day in our church also. Since the pandemic was first noted, our church doors have not been swinging. Instead, our church services have been on our local radio every Sunday. That's where we attended today. Pastor and an elder dubbed the music from last Easter's service, so it sounded like a full church. The Good Friday service did have a couple solos previously recorded too. Communion is as a ' drive-thru ' so, yes, things have been different but it has not deterred our Christian duty as followers of our Jesus who Has Risen indeed. Have a blessed Easter, Jack and Sherry, our dear, dear friends.
Now about Stormy, it's amazing how she has found trust enough in you to take her to her birthing place. She loves the care and concern you've shown her thru your patience and kindness. Animals, even feral ones, are truly amazing.
loven' hugs from up north where we are predicted 10-15 inches of snow by tomorrow night. Mother Nature has a great sense of humor doesn't she.

Mevely317 said...

Congratulations on the safe arrival of those puppies!
'Just came back from 'attending' church services down the hall … readying our interior bathroom with storm PPE … and Tom's got an Easter roast in the oven. In spite of everything, I believe we will get through this. What's that Churchill quote, "When you're going through Hell keep on going."
Love from Coosada!

Chatty Crone said...

Jesus has risen - the good news above all other. Have a blessed Easter. Sandie

Lisa said...

Great post Jack.
Going to a church building is not essential, but hearing preaching, prayers and praise is essential. I have been listening to my pastor on Facebook live each Sunday but some people still appear in the pews but keeping a safe distance. My pastor refuses to close the doors but advises everyone to listen from home.
This Easter Sunday, our church did a “Drive in service” I have some photos on my blog for todays post.

Congrats on the new puppies.


wishing you and sherry a happy belated easter.