Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Delivering the new cars:
When I see the car haulers of today I am still amazed. I THINK I counted 9 cars on one hauler lately. This dude is hauling 4 new 1955 Buicks. 

For today Wednesday:
I was happy with your comments on tax returns. I am thinking and reading. Not sure yet, but I would like to get the forms filled out soon. I have never been late, my son Mark is ALWAYS late has his in before me. I’m slipping.
I normally have a few ideas for Blog entries but now I have none. I will say I am afraid Stormy D. has lost her kitties again. She spent too much time around me today, finally I asked her to take me to see her puppies. I went to her Condo and couldn’t see or hear any life inside the 5 gallon bucket which is lying on its side. But it is too far into the junk for me to see inside.
She never did go into the spot while I was there. She could have moved them, I hope so.
I volunteered to cut and install a door for a widow friend of ours today. We walked over to her house, which is not far. We smiled as we walked by the area where we bought our first home, we paid $3000 for the small frame house. It is gone now and some builder is developing the area.
It has been 7 years, and she is just going thru his Man-place. She was asking me about some of the tools; boy did he have some nice one. It is sad, I am sure he loved it all, but to her it is a burden. Life/death is confusing and tough. Many of you know much more about that than I.

PS: Are the instructions typed or verbal on those APPS? I do need to know that, I asked a couple and did not get an answer, I guess they are not used to being asked by a deaf person. 
Oh yes, and Lisa, The guy who runs Pace bought Marvin Hand's business at his death. So he did my taxes for a few years. He still does Son Mark's, and he is in Florida.  Sherry & I just went by his office a week ago to pick up Mark's stuff.
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Mevely317 said...

First, before I forget. The instructions on the app I used this spring were pop-ups/typed.

I'm SO sorry about Stormy D's litter! Saying a wee prayer they're safe in another, secret locale. Tom was telling me yesterday about snipes trying to get to the cardinals' nests. Nature's sure a cruel mistress.

I know what you mean about those 'things' left behind. One person's treasure, another's burden. I'd sure be out of luck to identify most of what occupies Tom's sheds.

Love from a beautiful (for now) day in Coosada!

Woody said...

Sorry on Stormy if she lost her batch of Kits ! We do our own Taxes, My Honey handles all the financial matters, she does rather well, she still does consulting with 2 doctors about their Business matters, she at one time manage and ran 5 Doctors Offices. Not much going on here, just Staying Home and safe, ! Stay Healthy and good love on your Taxes ! Love from the North, Gary an Anna Mae

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's will be a great day when you get those taxes done.. What a bother they are, but they say there is nothing more certain . Taxes and death that is. Too bad the tax man went to Florida.Hope this is stormy's last litter and you manage to get her fixed. She's due for a rest. Nice you can help someone out with their work. Hopefully she can find someone that could use all those things he left behind. Sad to see them sitting unused all these years. My boys took DDH's things so they've been put to good use.The sun is out in Ohio but it is still pretty chilly here.

Chatty Crone said...

I am sorry about Stormy! That is wonderful of you to help your neighbor with a door.
Death is hard in ways people don't even think about I am sure.

NanaDiana said...

The apps I have installed on my phone are all written-nothing verbal but there may be others that are--not sure.

I hope Stormy saved her babies and has them somewhere safe.

We had already filed an extension on our taxes but now looks like we didn't even need to do that with the govt 'forgiveness' extending into July.

Sorry about your friend that has her hubby's stuff still. Life(coupled with death) is just hard sometimes. Stay safe- Hugs- Diana

Dar said...

You're a thoughtful, helpful neighbor. I'm sure your widow friend is happy.
When Bill's uncle put himself in the nursing home, his wish was for us and Bill's cousins to have a sale of his items. It was a horrendous chore but we got it done and the proceeds were banked for his care. We're so glad we did that for him. He never could have done it alone like he'd planned. He's gone to his happy hunting ground now as we all have many fond memories. Death is as hard as life sometimes. The circle. As for Stormy's family, I'm sure she moved them and everything will be alright.
loven'hugs from up north where my guy just got home from doing some landscaping for Dustin at his cabin. Fri. we start a retaining wall for my little sis. Have a safe, healthy day installing a door.

betty said...

That saddens me about Stormy's litter. I hope she just moved them somewhere. I'm no expert on death or life but I think we cling too much to life and sometimes to our material possessions here and we are just a little spot in the timeline of eternity and we sometimes forget that in how we live. But that's just my take :)


Lisa said...

I’m thinking Stormy moved her kittens and is again playing hide and seek with them.

Being lazy in gtown

boromax said...

Jack, I always enjoy reading your updates. Sorry to hear about Stormy's babes. I hope they are safe in another location. Your car pics are a highlight everyday. Today your pic reminded me of a set of toy trucks I received for Christmas in 1962, when I was 7 years old. There were three trucks - a red dump truck, a yellow Coca-Cola delivery truck, and a blue car carrier that looked pretty near exactly like the one in today's pic. Love it. Wish I still had those trucks... maybe. I sold the Coca-Cola one on eBay in 2006 to a collector in Atlanta. If I still had 'em, they'd be in a box in the garage, so it's good someone is enjoying them somewhere.