Sunday, April 5, 2020

Practices that seem no longer important?

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For today (Monday):
As time marches on, etiquette, standards and lifestyles change.
Sherry and I drove over to Pizza Hut to pick up a pizza she had ordered. On the trip I noticed a man and woman walking and she was walking next to the road.
Later we went out for a short walk (by ourselves but not 6’ apart). A sort time into our walk a young girl was walking towards us. Sherry said, “Doesn’t she know she is on the wrong side of the road?”  She did move to her left to pass us. WE hadn’t gone a block after that, when another person was walking toward us ‘ON THE WRONG SIDE.’ Seeing us, she moved to her side of the road. LOL.
I learned in school that the male was supposed to walk nearest the road (or nearest moving cars or buggies!) to protect the lady’s dress from splashes. Reason being, men don’t care if they get dirty, I think! LOL
Walking where there is no sidewalks YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO WALK ON THE LEFT FACING TRAFFIC.
Also, have you noticed the lack of a period after the middle initial?
Have you noticed there is no comma between city and state? One of my teachers, Mrs. Grill, would be very upset.
Notice I put a ‘.’ After MRS. Most young folk don’t do that.
Have you noticed the STOP sign is considered a YIELD sign by many of us? Speeding 10-20 MPh over the speed limit is standard on interstates!
One thing older campers notice is that ‘your site is not sacred anymore.’  Many people will walk through your site. Even wait while their pet leaves an offering.
That used to be the BIGGEST NO-NO in camping etiquette. 
Have you noticed some obvious changes? 
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PS: I just gotta say, I love your comments, they make my day. I love it, some of your comments would make good blog entries.   


Mevely317 said...

Ya, we witness pedestrians from all walks of life making these gaffes. *sigh* I didn't know about the no comma between City-and-State; nor lack of the period! And only last year did I find out you're only supposed to make one space between sentences (not two like I was taught). WHO on earth gets to decide he/she is so important they have to go changing things?

PS - Not gonna name names, but I know someone on Chapman Road who thinks the stop sign's really a yellow triangle. :)))

Woody said...

Good entry, Change can be good, but change just for changing something is not always good !! I have noticed a lot of things that bug me, I always walk on the outside of My Honey, between her and the road, in a store I am on her left side, Shopping carts "Should be driven on the LEFT" in a grocery store like a car. there is a lot more, Glad to hear you walked, We are heading out for our walk after lunch, it is sunny, 62 degrees, and we are now down to Jackets. You 2 take care, Love and Blessings from the North, Gary an Anna Mae

Lisa said...

This reminds me of a time that my daughter called me after a date and said “Mom, I don’t know about this one, I had to walk on the outside (roadside) when we were walking uptown. Isn’t there a rule to that?” Haha. I told her yes but maybe he wasn’t part of his raising.
I never noticed the dot after the initials, but your right come to think of it.

Now I want pizza.

Chatty Crone said...

These are shortcuts I suppose - like quick meals - quick salads - quick writing Mrs. lol

betty said...

I did notice the period was missing after the initial. So much has changed and probably will change back one day.


Susan Kane said...

Changing back might actually come to pass. Life, expectations, humility---something younger generations may learn from this disaster. Life is a gift. Happiness is not a gift.

Glenda said...

Great observations, I didn't realize yet about the dropping of periods. Guess Im not so observant, haha! Love and hugs from Chobee. We had the photographer on Friday, OMG a rush to finalize. Every single day, I miss something I need and remember I took it to Lake Park. Really missing the rake I use to scoop up the offerings the pup leaves every morning so I located a shovel and filled the wheelbarrow with sand he covers it up with...quite a job toting that wheelbarrow...still hanging in there. Y'all be safe!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

All the little things we learned as common ettiquite don't seem important at all any more. I've wondered if they stopped teaching them, but mostly I think people just don't care much anymore. Everyone thinks it's ok to make their own rules. I still stick to the old ways, maybe that is good and maybe it ain't. It's a changing world and we older folk are ignored more than not. I walk facing the traffic here. There are no sidewalks and I want to see what's coming at me. Good observations on our changing times.

Rick Watson said...

I do the same thing. I always walk nearest traffic.