Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sherry is pretty danged smart

Cars of beauty: This is an Old Hudson Terreplane

For today Sunday:
Awhile back when this virus thing was beginning to show it’s stinking head, I was reading on the net about cruise ships and told Sherry, “We need to take a cruise, if we get quarantined to the ship it will be a long vacation with great food and the smell of salt air.”

“There is no way I’m going jack, I don’t want to get sick. And lay somewhere without my family close by.”

“I wasn’t planning to get sick, just enjoy a couple months at sea.” Made perfect sense to me. Plenty of food, movies setting on deck at night looking at the stars and feeling sorry for you folk back here suffering.

“Those that are out there didn’t expect to get sick either!”

(There had to be a good come-back here, but I couldn't think of one!) :-O

Yeah, that is one reason I married this girl, not only her pretty legs and beauty, but a brain. 

In all my craziness throughout life she has never complained. But at times she has corrected my course.      ;-).

Now that I have had a chance to think of the situations on a ship, I see the wisdom in saying ashore. You know all the air is recirculated in many areas, so a virus could easily spread throughout the ship. I heard lately there as a ship near Italy that 90% aboard had the Coronavirus. OUCH.

So I guess a cruise is way off in the future….. but maybe I will just have to remember fun things from the past.....

 (The twins Josh & Steve, got into my closet, here they are wearing grandpas boots and shoes. Interesting I think I have all the kids wearing parents or grands shoes. natural for kids, huh?)

Take care and be safe, I hear we are about to ‘flatten the curve,’ we learn a new saying or word every once in a while.
One more thing, My smart lady wasn't always 80+ years old, this is a couple years ago. Niece Vickie Sherry and sister Colette:
This could get me hurt!
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your Sherry is definitely your better half and is always keeping you on the straight and narrow. There have been times you've told of her wisdom. Good thing you didn't go on that cruise only to be sorry later on. Many did that as we saw on the news. What should have been a good time certainly wasn't . With Sherry steering your course, you should stay safe for sure.

Mevely317 said...

Thank you, Sherry, for being the voice of reason! I can SO identify with your thought processes, Jack. I really miss cruising. At the same time, I feel blessed to have sailed on ships that actually resembled ships -- with fewer passengers and better food. Today's monstrosities with thousands of souls just don't do it for me.

PS - I understand there are a couple of companies which still adhere to the 'glamour days' of cruising but I'm not inclined to rob a bank for the fare. :)

betty said...

Great picture of Sherry from her "younger" years. She is very wise indeed. I think cruise ships and airline travel are going to take a bit for people to feel comfortable doing them after this is over. Its good to hear flattening the curve. Time to start moving again I do believe!


Chatty Crone said...

Thank God Sherry said NO - she is the brains of the operation!

Glenda said...

Agreed 100% with all of the above, yep she's one intelligent and thoughtful lady. Jack, you're no dummy! You've both been blessed ~ and that pic may get ya trouble, but who's a great shot of all three!

Lisa said...

Glad you listened to Sherry. My daughter got off a cruise the weekend they started checking everyone getting off cruises. They made it back just in time not to be checked. They quarantined themselves for a few days just to make sure. Everyone is here is still healthy and well.
Great picture of the girls. They are beautiful.


Susan Kane said...

Who knows what stupid things you might have done if not for Sherry.

Those twins will have some growing and developing to fill your boots.