Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Holding pattern, the hideout

Tough Cars and tough people:
 Dar, up in the north woods of Wisconsin said they got 7-8 inches of snow, I thought of a picture Woody of NY put on last year!

For today (Wednesday):
I stopped and talked to my neighbor Michelle who was looking after Stormy D before I was. She knows the kitties are here but didn’t know where. She was worried that Stormy was using the same trash pile as last time when dogs, coons or mean Toms got all but Zorro.
I told her where they were. They are no more than 15 feet (but up 4ft) from the trash pile which has grown some. I told her they were safe from dogs, that was for sure.
Stormy D and I are trespassing, but the house is in sad shape and the owner is seldom in the area. This is looking at the back porch area:

 She climbs this blue tarp and goes into the right of the heavy post. There is a little black spot showing a hole.

This is specific, you may can make out one of Stormy’s eyes. The little mother gets a cup of milk delivered to her palatial surroundings and a cup of Kitty-food. I just barely can reach the milk in without spilling it.

Bathroom: I have only to install the door-lock and also an entry lock and deadbolt on the entry door I cut in. I was planning to have the locks ‘keyed like the house keys’ but with the ‘social distant’ thing and the locksmith, I decided against it.

We have actually watched some TV to try to keep up to date, but it still drives me bonkers that most news folk are trained to get the most words in in 15 seconds that is possible. The only thing nice I have heard is folks are making masks for emergency & medical folk.

On that note our own blogger ‘Lisa’ http://www.lifeawayfromtheofficechair.com/2020/04/mask-extenders.html. has been making mask extenders for medical folk also.  Immediately I understood. I have noticed that most of the masks hook behind the ears. I have only worn dust and paint masks and they go over the head. The ear hooks looked uncomfortable to me. I saw a lady the other day having someone help her get her hair untangled, completely throwing the  ‘social distance’ thing away.  These extenders allow the same masks to go behind the head.
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yaya said...

I've been wearing the over the ear masks and they are uncomfortable. I prefer my surgical masks that tie on the head and neck. I hope your kitty stays safe as well as her babies!

betty said...

My gosh what a place for those baby kitties!! Stormy sure found a good space for them though! I'll have to pass Lisa's blog over to another lady who was making mask extenders. She might already know of Lisa's efforts since I think she is also in North Carolina. It is good to help out as things are needed indeed!


Mevely317 said...

I see Stormy D! You're being a great midwife -slash- investigator, Jack.

Lisa's efforts -- and those like her -- make me regret not having paid attention in Home Economics class. Perspective!

Glenda said...

Seems like Flawd, ven when the merchant has someone wiping the handles of shopping baskets. Prevention is the name of the game; all y'all in Shipslog Land stay safe! Love and hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Glenda said...

Clearly wasn't wearing my glasses, my bad for the typos :)

Rick Watson said...

You're a good man for caring for those kitties.

My sister is making those masks and giving them to people.

Each time we have to go out around others, we put ours on.
Some folks think this whole thing is a hoax. But I've had friends that have had the virus and they would tell anyone that it's been no picnic.

Lisa said...

I haven’t been anywhere to use my mask yet but I will be heading to Walmart next week. I will try to wear it.
Wow Stormy has a high rise condo.

Stay safe

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Even though you can't see the kittens, it's nice she showed you where she is living. How wonderful you are taking milk an food to her so she doesn't have to leave the kittens long at a time. You are such a good man.