Thursday, April 16, 2020

Our new basement bathroom

Cars of beauty:
   1986 Firebird   (It is hard to believe GM dropped the Pontiac, It has it's own city?!!)

For today (Thursday):
I set aside an 8x10’ area for this bathroom. The actual bathroom is 5’x8’; three fixtures crowded in makes it hard to get good photos. But here goes.

 This the beginning. That white pipe is the sewer line from the buried pump just outside that wall. You will see those same electric lines in the corner in the finished room. That is the pump power and alarm incase there is a problem.

Sherry took my picture of me and the finished product.
 This is the entrance to the area and the door to the outside. That ramp raised 8 inches to provide for the plumbing space.  The flooring is waterproof synthetic Oak.

The towels are old, now my rags, I collect rags.

 Not much room to show the shower, but it is a 3'x3' fiberglas unit.

There is only two feet space for entering and exit..

 The vanity is a cheap 18" unit. My biggest mistake was opening the door against the vanity. BUT I did not have sufficient room for the light switch above the vanity.  Since the light switch is on the other side of the opening, I just reversed the hang. It will be okay but unhandy just to step in and wash your hands.

I put one light in the hall and two lights in the bathroom

There is the only electric outlet in the room. close enough for a MY Hair dryer (LOL) or electric razor.

When I built this place 25 years ago I was a general contractor. The basement is 1400 sq ft with includes a garage. My office was down here. I loved this basement, it has always been my play house. I always regretted not adding a walk-in door and bathroom, so I finally did.

One thing that prompted this was the sewer pump required when I made a full hookup for the RV. When I installed the pump I also stubbed a line into the basement for just this occasion. I B happy it is finished.

Total cost less than $1900 in materials. Of course I had a few supplies on hand, but less than $100 in value. It would raise the value of this house about $11,000, increase we do not need, tax wise. :-O

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Lisa said...

This looks really nice. You did a great job!

Sittin in Gtown

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Congratulations on a job well done ! It all looks great and I'm glad you got the job doe, What a good feeling that must be. You still have what it takes! Not many of us have the ability to do a job like that. Savaid your self a lot of money doing it yourself. Glad you showed the finished product !

betty said...

Good job Jack! Small but suits the purpose!


Chatty Crone said...

Great job - I am so impressed - amazing. I am really proud of you. Seriously.

Woody said...

Nice Job on the Basement Bathroom and Door, Loved the pictures, I have some work to do in my Basement so when can you Motor on UP to New York to help me ??? Hope you and the Bride are doing OK, Stay Healthy, Stay away from sick people ! Sending down Love and Prayers ! Gary an Anna Mae

Mevely317 said...

It looks wonderful, Jack! And I love seeing the grin on your face!

Glenda said...

Your ingenuity amazes me, WOW!!! Looks great :)

Rick Watson said...

You do remarkable work Jack.


wow. what a great job. you can be my contractor any day.

yaya said...

Awesome job! With a bathroom down there Sherry may never see you! My Jack also collects towels. I snag towels from surgery....clean unused ones...that we just throw away. He loves those...want any? Have a good weekend!