Thursday, April 23, 2020

The crazy accidents

Cars of xxxx: Not too sure I would drive this truck wearing a green shirt!  Plubers ain't right!

For today Friday: 

Every lower grade sailor has what is designated as his ‘cleaning spaces.’ All areas of the ship are assigned to a seaman to clean and keep neat. As an old seaman, of 27 (don’t laugh Woody) I was assigned ‘The admiral’s passageway.’ It was normally an easy job because only a few people were allowed there. One day I almost messed my skivvies. I went to clean and there was a streak of paint from one end to the other, right down the middle. It was still wet. As I was figuring the best way to clean it, I was approached by one of the ‘Master at Arms’ Petty officer (Ships police force), Don’t worry about it mate.
Some poor kid had left the paint locker in the bow and walked the 900 feet of passage way with a 5 gallon can of white paint on his shoulder that had a leak. His side cleaning division was cleaning the mess. I breathed  sigh of relief.
So I remembered that incident vividly yesterday. I had agreed to try to repair a commode at the church. I picked up my plumbing gear; and walked out my new basement door, to the car. I loaded the kit and looked back to see a ragged line back into the basement, I followed it back into the basement and across 25 feet of carpet. I knew it, the smell was obvious.
The cap had come off my PVC cleaner, a nasty purple fluid; had leaked out. I Spent a half hour trying to neutralize the chemical, time will tell if I was successful, ;-O.  Yep, I remembered that poor seaman on the USS Independence. LOL, but thought, he had 900 feet of oil paint. OUCH.
Yesterday was a volunteer day. I did not get the commode repaired. It is one of the high pressure flushers, I was in the dark, and never got it fixed. I hate being whupped!
Then to friend Gisela’s house and the door, more luck, I should finish that today! It sure feels better to be in my area of expertise.
Be safe.
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some days are like that. hope today goes smoother.

yaya said...

I would never be able to fix either so I give you a high five for your efforts! Now, if you have a surgical problem I can do that!

Dar said...

ouch! That PVC cleaner may be a bit touchy. Good luck with the neutralizer. You just may get lucky !!! With so many new-fangled items like the high pressure flusher, best left to the smartalic that came up with it in the first place. Sooo nice of you to help out your neighbor friend. That's up your alley.
love n' hugs from up north where we'll be working outside again today. Yesterday we moved the plants out of the way, removed rotted retaining wall. Today we'll start the new wall of decorative block. To be continued........

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Some days no matter how hard you try, things just don't work out. Glad you were able to put your expertise to work. And know that was one thing you could do successfully. Hope the cleaner cleans up ok.Have a better day today !

betty said...

Well at least you tried, right?? And today you get to try again!


Mevely317 said...

Can't keep a good man down! You're gonna live to fight another day. :)

Chatty Crone said...

Love that truck - I could picture you with that one.

Rick Watson said...

Yikes! I've had days like that.

Lisa said...

We all have days like this. You amaze me with your energy. I get wore out just vacuuming the living room.

Get some rest

Glenda said...

As they say in Missouri "you can't win 'em all" [or was that Yogi Berra] at any rate, you got out of your zone for awhile and that's a good thing! Hugs from Chobee, Glenda