Saturday, April 4, 2020

Women’s Month and other stuff.

Autos of beauty

 Besides designing Chevrolet and Cadillac concept cars in the late 1950s, Suzanne Vanderbilt, during a long career with GM, came up with a child safety latch, lumbar adjustable seating, an instrument panel safety switch and child seats.

For today, (Sunday):
I know it is Women in History month. But Since we all have a history. I am thinking of the women who make (made) a difference in my life. Granny Loyd lived in a little shotgun house in ‘South’ Gastonia NC. I never thought of it, but I wonder where her money came from? She had no retirement and there was no Social Security that she had paid into. 

I remember she always had a nickel for me to go buy something at a little shack close by. We finally came to the conclusion her children must have contributed. I was always fascinated with that little leather snap-it change purse she pulled from her bosom. ( I ordered a crochet one from Lisa’s Etsy shop, Sherry loves it.) Granny was a keeper, I remember her funeral, I was not quite 6 then.

               Granny's was soft brown leather.

   Sherry hangs hers (made by Lisa) from her purse zipper.
Have you ever known a person who was blind? They are fascinating. I have mentioned My Aunt Georgia. I know I am repeating, but the time as a kid of 5-6 I followed her into the kitchen and after she made coffee she poured cups of coffee. I had to ask, “Aunt Georgia if you are blind how do you know how much coffee is in the cup?”
Laughing she said, “Just a little trick Jackie. I hold one finger over the top and I can feel the heat as it get close. Remember I have been practicing this for 40 years.”
Then there was one of daddy’s sisters, a very little woman, Aunt Bert. They lived way out in the country and Uncle Irvin was gone. Someone was trying to break in her front door. She had a loaded .22 rifle and yelled, “If you don’t git away from my door Imma shoot thru it.”

 Whoever it was kept hitting the door and not saying anything, so she fired and heard a yell. She reloaded the single shot, no more noise so she went back to bed. There was no body outside the next day and they never heard anymore about it. You didn’t mess with Bert!

The last time I saw Aunt Bert I kept taking pictures (which are not available now) She was getting tired, I think our visit was too long (with the camera) and she said "When you  going to stop that mess?"   WE all got a good laugh, but took the hint!

Y'all that read here, Be safe, things WILL get better.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What wonderful women in your life. Yes, taking care and believing things will soon get better. All is good with me.

Chatty Crone said...

No wonder you turned out so sweet - you had a bunch of great women models - no kidding.

Mevely317 said...

Oh my goodness, that Bert sure had some moxie! Ya, there are some pretty amazing sight-challenged folks out there. One fella at our church even assisted at serving communion a few months back.

My grandmother had one of those little snap purses. I still carry my mother's (soft tan leather) more for sentiment than loose change.

Woody said...

You sure did have wonderful People in yours and Sherry's life, nice reading. I will say nice job on the cellar door ! Great Pictures. Just settling in for the evening ! You and Sherry and the Family stay Healthy, sending down Prayers and Love, Gary an Anna Mae

yaya said...

You don't mess with southern gals! Jack's step-grandma had a robber enter their home. Grandpa was in the bathroom and didn't hear anything. Grandma had a shotgun behind the bedroom door and when the thief entered she had him in her sights. She held him there until the police came. I can only imagine Grandpa's surprise when he came out of the bathroom and the police, thief, and his wife with a shotgun were all in the livingroom. Oh, I almost forgot...Grandma was naked. That's the naked truth!

Susan Kane said...

What a precious woman! And what a feisty woman!

Having someone in your life is a blessing.