Tuesday, April 28, 2020

When it is close, things become different...

That Car

1964 Mustang was one big hit by Ford.

Now for Wednesday..
Harold Woods, a good friend went to the majors to play ball.
Butch Harris, a nephew of Sherry’s, was picked to go to the majors.
Now another local boy, Tanner Muse out of Clemson is going to the Raiders. I do not know him, but a nurse came by to evaluate Sister Shirley once. I noticed her name tag said ‘Muse’. As she was leaving I asked if she knew Bill Muse (An old friend of mine now deceased). She smiled, “Yes, Bill was my father in law.” We talked more; her son’s name did not come up. I am not much on sports but have heard Sherry talk about Tanner doing great at Clemson.
When she left Sherry told me the nurse was Tanner’s mama.

Bill Muse drove one of these, the '51 Studebaker

I know old Bill and wife Brenda would be busting their buttons with pride if they were alive. When things are close, they make a difference in your attitudes. I normally wouldn’t give the NFL Draft 30 seconds. But I do ask about it because Bill and I were close. It is his grandson.
We are close to our kids and grands like normal ‘older’ folk. When I can I like to ‘repair’ ‘family’ household problems; leaks, shorts etc.
I forget situations and had planned to visit Josh, Megan and Rosey to check on a couple problems over there. Son Jackie reminded me of the Coronavirus situation; he made a statement I could relate to.
Jackie said, “Dad I deliver blood and other samples to be checked for the virus. I am in and out hospitals and labs every day. I won’t go near the grands right now. If I accidentally passed that virus to my kids or grands I would never forgive myself.”  That was Jack Jr. as a dad.
When Jack said that I remembered his son Ben’s statement as a young father: A few years ago we were taking the family on a cruise. Ben in Utah, has a fear of flying, his daughter Elsie, was going to fly out. I was working train and bus schedules for Ben and it was tough. I got a call from Ben, “Grandpa, I am going to fly with Elsie. If something was to happen to her, I would not want to live anyway.” That statement of his love brought tears to my eyes.
Don’t you love real family ties?
So after all my plans to help, my mind again KNEW the Coronavirus was real; you don’t forget when it touches your family, losing a first cousin to the virus, it did become MORE  REAL.
So I will wait until a safer time. ;-)

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Dar said...

I am sooo glad you decided to wait on the less necessary fixes. You can do them when it's safer. I'm sorry about your cousin too. That has to be devistating. We're doing ok up north keeping busy, wearing our masks when we absolutely ' have to ' go to town for meds or groceries. We are in and out of the grocery store and get our meds curbside. They bring them right to our truck window. It's strange really. We aren't big industry around here and so few stores....everything is shut down, gas is cheap but no place to go, not much different than other small communities. Even funerals are on hold. Stay safe. The covid-19 IS real.
loven'hugs from up in our northwoods where we've had two steady rain days. Hard to believe we needed it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, as much as we want to help we must keep our distance so that in the future we'll be able to do it. When things happen to those close to us, they do seem to be more important, more outstanding. So far all my friends and realatives are safe and healthy and I want them to stay that way, so I keep away.

betty said...

I agree that this virus is real and I'm sorry it had such a devastating effect on your family, Jack. I'm self isolating and distancing from family but yet out in the store to get essentials. I often wonder if a visit with a loved one would be considered essential especially for a person who is on their own. I must say we have had a couple social distancing visits with son in our backyard or their front yard, always maintaining appropriate distancing. I've also seen the wee one a few times when dropping off things and have kept apart from him. I also admit I'll be one of the first people out when we can get out.


Chatty Crone said...

Great idea Jack - I wish my family would take it a little more serious.

Mevely317 said...

What a small world!
Loved this impactful post, Jack. Yes, I remember when you shared what Ben said about flying. Jack Jr. sounds a lot like my son. Unfortunately, his elderly FIL who lives with them is not doing well at all. Troy and Lois are still working and feeling well, but taking extreme care. His big fear is possibly contracting the virus and unintentionally passing it on to Nook.

Lisa said...

Oh Jack, I hate to hear about your cousin. This Virus is real and we all need to be respectful and cautious. I take it serious but not as serious as some. I will go out to things that are open but I keep my distance from others and do not touch things unless I plan to buy them. I will wear a mask when I feel the number of people are exceeding my comfort zone.

Stay safe

Rick Watson said...

We too are waiting on safer times for many things.

Glenda said...

My "masking" started early on, was in Palm Beach County early and had to make a run to the Home Depot. Wow, there was a huge line of people from entry door on the north side, to the south entry which was railed off, exit only. A guard stood at entry making certain that shoppers were six feet apart, delineated by red taped lines on the sidewalk. Shoppers were limited to entry, only when one shopper was exited. Wake up call came when I got inside and a masked young lady was wiping down carts with a disinfectant. I'd bought a two-pack of very sturdy masks for protection from spraying chemicals, if I'd known then what I know now, I'd have tripled down on the masks then. Recently I ordered online five masks from a company that converted their factory into mask-making; for every one sold, they donate one to frontline workers. Several people here are making homemade ones, a retired nurse supplied my doctor's office with a batch she'd made at home. We are seeing a lot of reaching out from volunteers who like to sew, wonderful that our little community has come together. I carry baby wipes saturated with Lavender Odoban that kills 99.9% of germs, when getting out of the car, I grab one or two so that I don't touch door handles or carts.

Glenda said...

All y'all stay safe. Love, Glenda