Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The family That makes ME, ME

Autos of beauty
 This is a Morgan, hand made in England, I don;t think they produce the three wheeler any more. It is still the only auto in the world with a frame of wood.

For today (Thursday):
 (Our family when we went to Utah to visit the kids out there, 2014)
I’m sitting here listening to Grandson Joshua singing and playing the Keyboard (piano sounds). He is on Facebook live. We feel so blessed to have so much talent in our family. He is doing solo stuff, now it is: ‘Wish You Were Here’.  Of course I can’t understand the words, I wish I could. I do get the sounds though, and know it must be good.

His twin Stephen is also very talented, and manages A “Music and Arts” store in Knoxville. He does a few instruments, but prefers the guitar, and is super good. They used to work together doing gigs in this area. Now they both are solo.
The Twins are Jack Jr’s youngest, He has two older out  west.

We have one Granddaughter Sherece. She is an import/export specialist and also a very talented beautician. She is Sherry’s beautician. She is the daughter Sherry never had. ;-)

Sherece is Mark and Corinne’s oldest child. Matthew is next then Luke.  Like me Luke is the baby of the family.  Someone has to be the baby!

Matthew is in administration with Coca Cola. And is gaining ground there. Luke can use a hammer but at present he is in training to be a plumber at the international airport. Luke is about 25 and owns his own home free and clear. Something of which to be proud.

I don’t get to see Our Grandsons out in Utah and Oregon. They were both in the building industry, but Corey has shifted and now is a long haul driver for UPS.

Benjamin Aaron remains in the building industry. He is a supervisor on residential construction in the Salt Lake City area. I get IMPRESSED by the homes Ben builds. I had a chance to climb into and around some of the homes they build. Impressive for a grandpa.  And knowing what ability it takes to do what they did makes it even more so.

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 PS: I know you didn’t need this, but it is unusual to be in NC and not see some of the grands and great grands.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know my family is the best part of me so I get where you are coming from in this post. So glad we can keep in contact even though we can't actually be together. You have a wonderful family and I'm sure you are missing yours just as I am missing mine. This Easter is one of the most unusual I've ever had.

betty said...

You got very talented grandchildren Sherry and Jack!! Its great they have a variety of talents and skills! They are doing and will continue to do well in life I do believe!


Chatty Crone said...

Lovely family! I am not surprised.

Mevely317 said...

Well, Jack … I really enjoyed these updates on your 'kids'! Since my immediate family was miniscule, I used to gravitate to those friends with large families. And whadd'ya know, I'm still doing it here in Blogville. :)

Susan Kane said...

Your children have given you some talented gr-kids. I know what you mean about not seeing ours, too. You and Sherry are blessed!

Rick Watson said...

Utah and the states around there are beautiful. Jilda and I went out there a few years back and loved it.
There are some talented folks in your family.


you have a wonderful family. i know they are always close in thought but particularly during these difficult times. thank goodness for technology that keeps us all connected with our loved ones.

Lisa said...

You have a beautiful family.
Now, reading those names “Matthew, Mark, Luke....” I can’t help but think “where is John?”


My Tata's Cottage said...

A beautiful family. You are both so very blessed. It is hard not seeing everyone but we know eventually we will be together again. Our son Face Times us with the kids. They are such busy little boys. Life is good even under house arrest. Happy Easter! May God bless you both.