Friday, December 31, 2021

Upset, HELP!

 That Car:

   Help needed in this car design!

Note: We laughed here. Thinking I had discovered something new. Whipped cream cheese!  Well I am glad I finally found it, y'all didn't tell me about it or I would have gotten it sooner. LOL

For today:

To be straight forward, Sherry and I have NOT been effected very much with this Covid Medical problem.  That is until today. As you know someone has messed with the ‘supply chain’ and many of the products we take for granted are not available.

We made it thru the terrible toilet paper crisis! I know that was tough on some folks. WE didn’t have a problem I learned, as many others did years ago, there are leaves, corn cobs and  last year’s Sears and Roebuck Catalog, many alternatives. LO.

If it is a ‘food chain’ item, those I can live with (or without) and if necessary find a replacement. No corn, I get cabbage, etc.

BUT, but technical products are different. Say your electric range losses one of the cooking elements.   They may be hard to find because it will take a ‘specific’ design. That is what I have run into. I have 3 ‘foggy’ windows in this coach (Meaning the double pains have moisture inside the panes).  I decided to rebuild them because buying them is close to $1500.  To fix them I must take the glass panes apart, clean the insides and put them back together. I found the materials on line for about $200.


Like always, I ordered what I  needed. I have accumulated EVERYTHING  except the glass pane separator. I am chomping at the bits. Then the phone rings, long story short; the parts are on back order. It will be as late as March before the parts are available.  I nearly cried. I have planned for a couple years to fix them. Finally decided NOW is the time.

(Part needed is the spacer 3/16" call me if you  have some. LOL)

Ok, I settled down. I can wait. But now I cannot say I have not been effected. But hey, we have plenty of toilet paper (I think)!!!

Y’all have a great day, Life is still GOOD!


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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Cream Cheese

 Automobile  OF Cheese:


For today:

My cholesterol is up a bit, but I have a good doctor. He KNOWS I will not take the statin. I lost an upper arm muscle a few years ago while taken it and STOPPED. I added a lot of oatmeal to my diet with Sherry’s help and watched my diet, it is now a little high, but manageable with my present health, according to my good doctor. My entire list of pills is A one-a-day vitamin Sherry 'issues' daily.

I was eating an 8 oz block of cheese a week. Sharp cheddar or Colby. I even like them mixed. I love cream cheese also.  I guess I am a cheeseaholic. LOL

Cheese must be complicated to make because mama never made any. But I love it.

We just discovered something new to us, ‘whipped cream cheese.” It is TOO easy to eat. I must watch it or I will cave in and eat too much. Sherry loves it too.

Funny, I NEVER liked the packaging of cream cheese, but this is a great change.

WE were young before the BIG super markets. The biggest thing we had ever seen was a Military Commissary or the A&P Grocery Store.

THEN I joined the USN, in Norfolk we shopped at the GIANT, our first ‘super store’. They honestly had a HOOP of cheese the size of a 4’ kitchen table and about a foot thick. One of the most amazing things I had ever seen in a food store. (It was cut and did not have the Dutch girl!)

The biggest hoop I had ever seen was about 16” in dia and 4” thick.

Dar told me that Colby is made just south of them in Wisconsin.

You gotta like cheese, which cheese do you prefer?


Monday, December 27, 2021

Short(?) and Sweet!

 Short Automobile:


Sherece said, "Grandpa calls us short people, we will fool him and grow up!" 
Joshua, "You chure?"

For today:

As I promised short and sweet. Short is in years not time or height!  Mark and Jack Jr, on a 1960 Nash Rambler hood, They were short then, now both taller than I.

Luke, and Janie, Luke is grown now, he runs the Airport (Ok he works there, but Grandpas' can think what they like!)

Stephen said, "They will never miss this picture!"
Joshua, "I don't know abut that!"

We never told Jack Jr. he once lived in the trunk of a car:

Grandson Ben learned at an early age to use a hammer:

But then one day he thought, "Maybe I will kick back and be an executive!"

Look, Even short people must learn to shave 

after working hard  (Matt Dillon's first shave)!


It seems every short person wants to fill grown up shoes!

(Josh and Stephen)


Little people never know what life holds, (do WE?)

Sherry, Big Bro Lefty home from WWII and Johnny!

Thanks for your patience, Below is historical. Sherry's dad in 1915, he had already been working a couple years. He was 11 or 12 here. He retired from that mill the Imperial! (Picture taken 107 years ago)


Life is good when Great Grandpa can dance in the rain with a short person, Great Granddaughter Stella.!




Freedom, YES I am free

 Memorable car of the day:

 A Freedom Truck!

 (I promise tomorrow's blog will be short and sweet!)
BUT For today:

Quotes of the day (some from my family members)

1.       The Government won’t tell me what to do about my health!

2.       This is a Fascist Country now.

3.       We are now a Communist country!

4.       We need a revolution, civil war! (you are asking for millions of deaths! Maybe yours!)

5.       You cannot trust the ‘vote.’

6.       You DO KNOW they closed churches here? RIGHT?

 That is just a few ‘ignorant’ statements I have heard lately. I said ignorant, not stupid. They are lines repeated by someone who didn’t look around them, or take into consideration who they are repeating OR they are not looking at ‘THE OTHER COUNTRIES around the world’ for comparison.


 I had a very close friend and coworker born and raised in Cuba (most under Castro). He spoke out against Castro. He now is an exile in hiding. He has a price on his head (dead or alive). Juan P. is a great guy, yeah, that is Communism.

 My family had a close friend Hermann L. who was imprisoned in Germany by Hitler 4 long years and would have died there without the Allies. His crime was he spoke out against Hitler. That is fascism. Mass Arrests are common.


I also had a friend who was a farmer under Hitler, you should have heard firsthand what it was like as a citizen under fascism.  

(These innocents were Killed by Fascists)

Ask a resident of London from the 40s, how they feel about fascism?

As I type this I am watching ‘MY FLAG’ fly in the breeze. I love that flag and this country. Did you realize I can start the coach  and drive the USA and legally, NO ONE can search it without permission from a local judge.

 It is on record "In MANY countries property and wealth were taken from honest people by their government or dictator because of their race."

 Yes I have trusted the vote in the past, and still do. There was a time if we did not get our choice in an election in this country that we licked our wounds and said, “Wait until next time!”


Yep, they closed churches, but churches went on FB FREE and churches were not closed permanently!

 WE need a revolution or civil war ------like I NEED CANCER.

 I heard a well-respected minister whom I admire, say in a sermon, "FB is an ungodly devilish tool!" Someone on FB had disagreed with an opinion he had expressed in an earlier sermon. Funny that was expressed as he delivered his message free on FB. I thought that was sorta contradictory. 

God help me to use some common sense as I live in freedom and appreciate this great country.

Nite Shipslog

PS: Do I agree with everything in the administration of our government, Heck NO! BUT  Gov. does tell us what to do, that is what gov's do! You won’t drive long without license or insurance. You won’t drive that car long without a gov. issued tag. Your kid will not go to school without certain shots. You WILL NOT buy nor sale a house without some gov’t paperwork.

THINK, most of that is for our health, safety and security. I betcha I cannot sell my neighbor’s house, because he or she has a legal deed, I don’t. All governments tell citizens what you can and can’t do. BUT, BUT not all governments have OUR BILL of RIGHTS and Constitution!!! 

Believe me I will be very concerned when we have enough legislators to start changing our Constitution.


OK Imma shut up!!!  Honestly Imma happy guy! ;-)

Just for fun…..This could be the ANSWER!…

 That Car:

 There always questions here it is, Which way are they going?

                                In the UK?
                        Germany, where is the front?

Below,  even here in the USA this '57 Ford is messed up!

For today:

Yeah and also, I did not win the Florida Lottery! ;-(  Shucks...


I have heard some of you are finding it hard to maintain social distance. Folks are getting too close to you. Friend Jim Page from the South Mountains gave me this idea. I think this is a great answer:

Or the more obvious choice.....

And then there is folks searching for the RIGHT attorney!

WE all know about the actor who held a loaded pistol it went off and someone was killed.  THAT definitely was not funny.

BUT thanks to Jim Page and the Kingfish (Of Amos & Andy fame), I now have an attorney to suggest to Alec Baldwin:

I hope you got a smile from this.  Relax it is just a little over 360 days until Christmas…..  ;-)  And keep this in mind:


Nite Shipslog

PS….  Ain't LIFE great!

Saturday, December 25, 2021

The early residents of this planet MESSED US UP, and I am MAD

Memorable transport from The Past:


For today:

Early History recorded in the Book of Genesis tells of people wanting to get to heaven, sooo they decided to build a tower to heaven. Let me suggest, I know better, but let’s say every one spoke English. 


The Creator was upset, SO HE messed with their language. They had to stop building because someone was supposed to cut the blocks ½ cubic and they came out 1 cubic, etc... They could not understand each other.

Therefore there are close to 7,000 languages. One language, Busuu, is a language that only 8 people can still speak. I am writing this because someone from Cambodia commented here. I know it is someone wanting me to read their blog, so I TRIED. This is a small clip. I can see 8 words in English. (could not get translate to work)

តាម Guardian ក្លឹប Everton គ្រោងនឹងធ្វើការព្យាយាមជាលើកទីបីដើម្បីចុះហត្ថលេខាលើខ្សែការពារ Nathan Patterson របស់ Rangers ដែល Aston Villa ចាប់អារម្មណ៍ផងដែរ។ ជាការប្រសើរណាស់ Everton បានធ្វើការដេញថ្លៃ

I am asking myself what must an Arabic keyboard look like? Well (this one translates, maybe):

                              (Now, how do I type jack?)

So now if those foolish folks hadn’t messed up stuff and started the metric system  ;-) over the standard system we would not have to teach a ‘foreign’ language Like Irish or Southern English or even French. (We could have still have those lovely accents)

I blame Sherry that I cannot speak French, she sat in front of me in that class and kept me distracted.  Then I tried the tapes that teach Spanish, and I was lost after I learned to count to veinte uno (21) I think. Learning a language is tough. I hear English is the toughest.

I do respect folks who are Bilingual. They amaze me.

 I do think anyone living in the USA should learn the English language. I do not expect them to become fluent in the English language, most of us here are not. I do not like getting things from Medicare or my bank in two or three languages. I think it causes those not familiar with English to be less likely to speak it. I know, I know that is a narrow minded approach. 

Let me tell you how you can appreciate bilingual people.... Be driving in the back roads in France and go into a store for a snack and have a problem being understood. Then some sweet customer lady asks, “Sir I lived in London for a few years, may I help? AHHHHH such a relief.

Or in Mexico when Sherry and I tried to order lunch, TOUGH…… My sweet dentist happens to enter the café, sees our situation and orders for us.

Yep at those types of moments is when it is YOU, then you can appreciate the problems with someone new and legally in the USA, trying to get by.


PS: I am not a historian nor Bible Scholar so I write opinions not proven facts...... (Clarifier) ;-)

A Christmas Card for Sherry

 Transportation of the day (night):

                                    For today:

We have decided to exchange cards, no presents this year. So I complied.  I wanted a ’55 Chevy Bel Aire but she asked, “Where would you put it?” That killed that idea. ;-(

Someone asked me the other day what was the best Christmas Present I received as a kid. I don’t even have to think, all my life I have remember the thrill of the 20” bicycle. It was a used Indian make and I was with dad when he bought it for $5. That was a full day’s wages! We took it home in the trunk of dad’s ’41 Chevy and put it up until Christmas Morning.

 BUT, but the BEST Present EVER was Sherry. WE stood before Justice Nunn in York, SC. He asked the Big question I answered “Yes Sir” (vs I DO!). When it came Sherry’s turn she also answered “Yes Sir!” (military bearing!)

I was 17 she was 18 (an older woman). That day I knew she was mine and I was hers for life…… (She says “So Far”!)

Before I met her of course..... She sure was cute, huh?

I know y’all get tired of hearing it, but we have been married over 65 years. I am not being nice here, but it is a fact I was a jealous sucker and at times life it was not fun for her. But she put up with it, thank the Lord. A lesser lady would have told me, “Hit the Road Jack!”

Facts: She has lived in small trailers, vans, cars, one remodeled chicken house,  motor home (22 years) and three or four nice homes; SHE HAS NEVER ONCE C[j1] OMPLAINED.


(I carried that picture in my wallet for years on deployments (USN cruises)

Am I blessed, fortunate, lucky or WHAT?  The bonus of all that is she was beautiful when we married and she is right now,

So when you read this Sherry, this is your Christmas Card and I love you to pieces. (Please keep me!)  Jack

                Merry Christmas

               To Sherry and ALL who read this.

Nite Shipslog

PS: The front of Sherry's actual card, by Hallmark

I am out of here mouse just died..... no aaa batts!