Thursday, December 23, 2021

… Miracle week.

Flying car of the day:

(Posting early, hope the 'click' works, off to the grocery store!)

For today:  It is a miracle this wooden puppet can sing so well without moving his boss's mouth. LOL This was sent to me by old friend Jim Page of Valdese.

  It is likely you have seen this already, it has been viewed millions of times. It interests me because I like ventriloquists.  Even had my own Puppet George, at times.  Did you  know that Barney Fife got his start as a Ventriloquist?


Anyway this yanked my chain.  If you have seen it already, or for some reason it doesn't play, I tried, come back soon! This is the week of Miracles. God Bless!

                 Merry Christmastime

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Mevely317 said...

I remember this fellow from America's Got Talent ... well deserved win! No, I didn't know old Barney began as a ventriloquist; interesting factoid! The only other ventriloquiests that we enjoy are Darcy Lynne (sp?) and Jeff Dunham.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

What a wonderful ventriloquist.

I used to be a ventriloquist with a sock puppet on my radio program. Very successful. No one could see my lips move.

God bless, Jack.

betty said...

Ventriloquists truly are so talented! I'm with Myra. I enjoy watching Jeff Dunham. He's got quite a few characters in his program and all of them are really funny :)


Dar said...

Ventriloquists get my vote....we can relate with a few characters of Dunhams. lol I'd always wondered how people could throw their voices like that. We love Barney Fife but never ever saw his ventriloquist talents. Very cool.
loven'hugs this beautiful Miracle time of year from way up north.