Sunday, December 12, 2021

Old People

Memorable car of the day:

Cars today were new when these old people graduated HS!


1956 Crown Victoria Corporal Virgil Jenson (Son of an Iowa Farmer) owned one of these.    

For today:

I write a lot about age.  I do that because that is the big subject around here. Yesterday we met with some old folks for dinner at a local restaurant.  Early in our lives that area was only woods. It is owned by the Local Catholic College, The Belmont Abbey a land mark here abouts. 

It is now a bustling commercial center. The Abbey is still here also and it has grown.  But this restaurant has a local history, it was once a great steak house.  Now it is a good Fish Restaurant, “The Captain’s Cap”.

The old folks we met were from Sherry’s HS graduating class. Earline and I were the kids since we did not graduate with these upper classmen.

Anyway we had a good time, and even a younger man like me can learn. With all the talking it came to ‘church’ of all things. Then to Baptist Churches.  Martin M mentioned where they attended. Sherry asked if he knew Lisa (commenter here from a neighboring town. She was born in Belmont). Martin said, “BUT Of course, Her dad & mom (and the family) are dedicated Christian folk………. You won’t believe this but her dad retired and got tired of sitting around and took a job of delivering for an auto parts place I think.”  Martin continued.. 

“He told us he seldom drove his old van, but last week decided to drive it. While driving he smelled something different as he drove. He disregarded it and parked and entered a store.  Just a few minutes later someone came in and said someone’s white van is on fire in the parking lot.  It was his and completely burned up.”

Of course he was thanking God he was not on the road driving at the time and that no one was hurt.

So we were sorta smiling that we had other friends of friends we did not know about and that there at least was a connection. Of course nothing really surprises me about folks from a small town.

They tell me that coal mining towns are the same. Villages become family and everyone knows everyone’s business. The idea is good. They had community watches before there were ‘Community Watches’. No doors were locked those who had cars the keys were in them.

So that is OLD People story for today. I didn’t say it but among the old people were Don & Evelyn, Martin & Earline, and ED. Ed and Sherry go back to childhood where they were neighbors.

Merry Christmastime.

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Mevely317 said...

What a special camaraderie can imitate!
It took me a long time to appreciate living in a small town. Granted, I've no roots here but wouldn't trade it for a penthouse apartment in the Big Apple.

PS - If you see Santa Claus, won't you please tell him Myra would love that sweet little convertible?

betty said...

Sounds like a great group of "old" people enjoying each other's company and friendship! I think us "younger" people can take lessons from it! It truly is a blessing to have friends who have been friends for pretty much a lifetime!


Glenda said...

Love the cars today, oh my do I. Guess I remember most of them.
And "old" friends sound so interesting, you two have had some awesome times together. Y'all stay safe and warm in Belmont. I do hope to see y'all this coming New Year! Love and hugs, Glenda

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Old communities as you describe are sadly becoming less so these days. Times are changing and such communities are slowly vanishing. Sad really.

Another great post, Jack. Thanx.

God bless.

Lisa said...

Yes the Martins are nice people . I sit on the same row as them in church. Funny how church goers will sit in the same place every Sunday. Yes my daddys van caught fire. It was an old van that he seldom drove. Their regular van is a new one and he drives a Jaguar when momma stays home. (She don’t like his Jag). He is s84 years old and still works. I worry about him all the time but he's happy. We eat at Captain's Cap on my end of town. It’s really good.

Off to work, Happy Monday

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is wonderful to get together with old friends. There are so many good memories we share over the years. I have some old friends too, and they are the best. Merry Christmastime to you too! It's a wonderful time to get together!

Dar said...

I'm loving the '56 Crown Victoria the Corporal her lines and she has a sunroof!!! I love all the sweet old rides. Reconnecting with friends we grew up with is special. I just yesterday, spent half an hour visiting an old classmate that also worked with Bill at the paper mill for 40 yrs. We have a date with he and his wife this summer where they camp. Can't wait. For now, I'm wringing wet from steam vac'ing the living room before our Christmas tree goes up. At least I know it's clean. Have a most cheerful Christmas time for HE's the REASON for the SEASON.
love n' hugs from up north where our foot of snow will melt quickly the next couple 40's-50's days. Awww