Friday, December 31, 2021

Upset, HELP!

 That Car:

   Help needed in this car design!

Note: We laughed here. Thinking I had discovered something new. Whipped cream cheese!  Well I am glad I finally found it, y'all didn't tell me about it or I would have gotten it sooner. LOL

For today:

To be straight forward, Sherry and I have NOT been effected very much with this Covid Medical problem.  That is until today. As you know someone has messed with the ‘supply chain’ and many of the products we take for granted are not available.

We made it thru the terrible toilet paper crisis! I know that was tough on some folks. WE didn’t have a problem I learned, as many others did years ago, there are leaves, corn cobs and  last year’s Sears and Roebuck Catalog, many alternatives. LO.

If it is a ‘food chain’ item, those I can live with (or without) and if necessary find a replacement. No corn, I get cabbage, etc.

BUT, but technical products are different. Say your electric range losses one of the cooking elements.   They may be hard to find because it will take a ‘specific’ design. That is what I have run into. I have 3 ‘foggy’ windows in this coach (Meaning the double pains have moisture inside the panes).  I decided to rebuild them because buying them is close to $1500.  To fix them I must take the glass panes apart, clean the insides and put them back together. I found the materials on line for about $200.


Like always, I ordered what I  needed. I have accumulated EVERYTHING  except the glass pane separator. I am chomping at the bits. Then the phone rings, long story short; the parts are on back order. It will be as late as March before the parts are available.  I nearly cried. I have planned for a couple years to fix them. Finally decided NOW is the time.

(Part needed is the spacer 3/16" call me if you  have some. LOL)

Ok, I settled down. I can wait. But now I cannot say I have not been effected. But hey, we have plenty of toilet paper (I think)!!!

Y’all have a great day, Life is still GOOD!


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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think everyone is waiting on something. Parts of any kind cannot be found. Glad you are resolved to patiently wait. It wouldn't do any good to get upset. There is plenty of TP here too !

betty said...

I never got why a respiratory illness created a panic for toilet paper, lol :) Have you looked on eBay for that part? That came to mind when I was reading this. Why, I don't know, but who knows, you might be able to find it :) Otherwise, you know what they say about patience. It is a virtue :) And March is just around the corner!


Mevely317 said...

Oh m'gosh -- is there anything you can't do, Jack? That looks like quite an undertaking. Dumb question -- is the spacer thingie something you can create yourself?
Wishing you and Sherry a peaceful New Years Eve!

Dar said...

We thought too, that Johnny Cash's car would be a fun one to see and ride in. It got me thinking about your situation....maybe, just maybe, there's an auto junk yard around that would have an RV with good windows still in tact that you could get the spacers from...just a thought. I'm sure the glass is tempered so be careful not to crack them. If only we knew. The huge safety window that was in our son's metal shop was just smashed. It had a spacer that's now far disposed of...not to get your hopes smashed too. Good luck with that. Perhaps do what Bill would do. You guys are ingenious inventors. Make one.
loven'hugs from up north in our very frigid surroundings. Happy New Year !!!