Wednesday, December 1, 2021


That Car:

 This car is being built in a SECRET place. This car's design is a secret, don't tell anyone you saw it.

When I was a kid, The covered car is how new cars were presented at dealerships a few days before the unveiling of the present year's car.

For today:

Disclaimer, There are still many people of integrity and some good folk  get carried away in conversation and secrets pop out un-intentionally, (but they are still out!)

A wise person who once wrote: The only secret that will remains a secret, must stay in your head.  Once you share it ‘In Confidence’, if it is ‘juicy enough’, another is tempted to tell a friend,  i.e. “I know you will not tell anyone, but John just told me he has an odd growth on his thigh.  He is seeing a specialist next week. He asked me not to mention it anyone.  I know YOU think a lot of him and would like to know. Pray for him but please keep it to yourself.”   WELL, you know other people need to know, they can pray too!

That thing about secrets is very true. Even TOP SECRET stuff tempts people.  We have examples thru out history of people selling information.

Remember the ‘Deep Throat’ in the Water Gate Scandal?’  Any politician who is ignorant enough to think secrets will not be sold by someone called ‘ANONIMOUS’ is naïve.

Even presidents have said things in confidence on ‘Air Force One’ and somehow they made headlines.  WE have been in an age of  ‘loose-lips’ for many years now. (That term ‘LOOSE LIPS SINKS SHIPS’ is from World War II about spies listening- in)

In today’s life loose lips have sunk many a good reputation. I came from a time we believed, “My handshake, my word is my BOND.” I built many homes on a handshake and no paperwork.  I knew many people you could take their word as gospel.

Now I see things like, “Mrs. Kennedy and Me”, by her Secret Service Agent!  These agents were sworn to secrecy, BUT then secrets are worth money…. Truthfully the Agent may say just nice things about her, but the title ‘titillates.’

My world is logical.  When I hear something BIG/NASTY happened years ago and no one knows how it happened, I start doubting it and take it as a rumor/lie/theory.  In America alone think of the writers, investigators with lots of money behind them who want a Nobel or Pulitzer for exposing a big secret. There will be at least one person willing to SELL the story and have the proof, count on it.

Wealth and notoriety does not protect a secret, look at Mr. Epstein, imma thinking even Royalty can be touched.  SECRETS? Not hardly.


Just plain logic or common sense can expel fears. ‘JUST THINK’, LOGICALLY COULD THIS BE TRUE? It is sorta like the statement, “JUST BREATHE!”


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PS: There are no ‘secrets of any import’ between my girl and ME.  Also there are still many people with integrity. This post is about SURE POSSIBILITIES!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Sad how the world has changed. Perhaps we need to pray even more.

God bless.

Glenda said...

Agree, the more tiliating "title" to the secret often becomes what the other person likes to hear. Headlines grab me when it's like" revelation" you gotta read!
Some beautiful automobiles you've been posting, I rarely comment on any except for the ones I remember, and your favorites as usually mine, too.
Have a happy Thursday from chilly Chobee! Love Glenda

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are so right Jack, There are no secrets that aren't eventually revealed. Good thing my life is an open book. I don't have any secrets to share.

Mevely317 said...

I'd totally forgotten about the new cars' unveilings! Yep, that was eagerly anticipated. Nowadays, it's hard to tell one manufacturer from another.

Sure, and these titillating titles are tempting - but they're little more than click bait. I can't be sure, but I think the REAL stories, like 'Who REALLY killed JFK' or kidnapped the Lindburg baby, will remain a secret the rest of our days. Sorry, but I lean on the side of those who feel John Q. Public can't handle some truths.

Dar said...

I agree with Victor. We need to pray more. I don't believe there's a secret out there......period. The world is an evolving place, just like the new car about to reveal itself. Only God knows the true outcome.
loven'hugs from up north where the snow has melted in our 40 degree day but the Christmas lights are beginning to go up.