Thursday, March 7, 2019

Don't forget 'dem feet'...

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Today: (Yesterday made me think more of feet, boots) 
Back packing the Appalachian Trail you learn the importance of locating water and learn how important foot care is.  I met a man in his thirties who said he had never worn a pair of shoes. He lives in Key West. He was one of Mark’s football coaches. 
      (The coach on the right!)

He played all sports in school barefooted. Not everyone could do that. Many people have poor posture and many aches and pains because of lack of ‘arch’ support.

The first 100 miles of the AT, my feet started giving me trouble. A lady at a sporting goods store said, “What you need is, ‘Super Feet’. They are expensive shoe inserts.” I did purchase some later and have used them ever since. I still use the original pair I bought. 


Lately Sherry’s back and legs began to bother her. ‘Vionics’, a support shoe was recommended. Since wearing them she feels much better. They are not cheap (by my standards) but for my girl I am fine with it. She feels much better after switching. (I get more kisses!)

(Below is the last pair of boots I hiked the AT wearing. I gave them to grandson Josh. He sent me this picture when he was wearing them.)

I don’t give health advice but I am always surprised that something that doesn’t seem related causes specific health problems. I know that foot support is important to me and my posture, so I do use the Super feet.

I am always amazed when someone says something like, “That back massage sure cleared up my head ache.”… 

One of the worst medical mistakes I know of concerned my neighbor in NC, Mr. Nelon. A sweet old man that grew and sold beautiful flowers. He had no teeth. Early in life he experienced terrible headaches. His doctors in the 1920s told him it was his teeth so they were all pulled, but it did not help!

Life is still good but sometimes a second opinion might be smart.

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PS: After walking 300 miles, the soles of my feet burned, then it hit me…., Why not my work boots?  I love ‘em. I have worked 12-14 hours a day with no foot complaints. I tried them, after 5 miles I gave them up, walking and working are NOT the same. HAHA!

PS2: The Super feet and Vionics are not recommendations, but they work for us.


betty said...

I cringe sometimes when I look down and see what people are wearing for shoes (especially us women). High heels or thin flats and I'm wondering if they realize the potential problems they are setting themselves up for down the line. The feet need good support on them since they do carry the rest of the body. Said it before I'm sure, but one thing my mom strived for was for us to have good shoes to wear. We only had 1 pair of them, but they were good shoes, solidly built. As a result I can't wear cheap shoes even to this day for long periods of time. I can get buy to go out to dinner in heels (not high) but for every day wear I need good solidly built shoes or my feet let me know.


Lisa said...

My feet have high arches so shoes with the arches feel better. I never wear shoes long enough for them to hurt my feet. I wear all kinds at work but I sit all day. I will sometimes wear a pair of heels to church but thats for only an hour. I make sure I wear comfy shoes if I know I will be walking around a lot. However, Flip Flops are my favorite and yes I love being barefooted.
The pediatrition told us once that bare feet are the best at teaching a child to walk. Its natural.

44 and sleeting in Gtown.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh yes, our feet are important and we should take good care of them for sure. I'm all about comfort and wear nothing but comfortable shoes. Mine are cushioned and supportive too. They also say that we shouldn't wear the same shoes day in and day out, so I have several pairs. Changing them out does help too. We only get one pair of feet so taking care of them is good advice!

Mevely317 said...

I can't recall having worn my 'high' heels since retirement! (Yay.) Still, my lower back and sciatica have been acting up like the dickens. I've not worn a support (orthopedic) shoe since 6th grade, but now I'm a thinking I should look into trading my Wal-Mart tennis shoes for something more supportive. I'm going to look into the Vionics…. thanks for the tip!

Dar said...

Super Feet and Vionics sound like winners. Bill has to wear a good supportive shoe and boot, both with good arches and ankle support. He gets them free through Medicare. They also are expensive. Check to see if you can get yours that way...they are doctor ordered perhaps because of his diabetes also.
I also have to wear a shoe with a good arch or it really gets my back. Like
"MA" said, we only have one pair of feet, so take care of them. Good read, Jack. You always make us think, especially of the important stuff.
love n' hugs from up north...the weekend will be full of snow again...up to another 9 inches. We watched a bobcat a couple hours today out our kitchen window., digging in the compost for whatever scraps he could find. He's a beauty!