Saturday, March 2, 2019

Installing a tow plate on our new TOAD.

Trucks of Art:

 1946 Studebaker 2 ton truck
There isn’t much about our families I haven’t posted here on the Shipslog. For over 20 years our life inside our coach has been monotonously the same (I don’t mean the loving and kisses are monotonous, that would be stupid) but our lives have a routine. Much like living in brick and mortal home. However OUR view through the windshields and neighbors DO CHANGE.
If I repeat myself, please bear with me.  I am informed that now I am OLD, so a lapse here and there is understandable.
This is not a repeat because I just completed it!

We have a ‘new to us tow vehicle’ for the motor home. Not every vehicle can be towed 4 wheels on the road. Before any vehicle can be towed, we ‘towers’ must check to see if it is possible without modifications. Most vehicles can be towed, with the proper equipment installed, (i.e. a transmission pump) otherwise you can ruin a transmission.
This 2014 Honda CRV is the last Honda that can be towed. So to make that possible a ‘tow plate must be installed. That can be expensive. We have had several ‘Toads’. We paid to have one ‘set-up’ and the cost was $1200. The rest of them I have done. So I decided to do this one myself. Here is the car before:

This is the car with the front grill and beauty stuff removed.

This is a shot with the basic plate installed.

This is the car as it looks now. The idea is to hide the tow plate.  You can hardly tell it is there. 

 So being a cheap skate, I did this in 5 hours, taking time in the middle to fix our ‘magic tomato soup’. BTW we had that today. It was not as good as I remember it, but it is good. Sherry mentioned we may get too much acid.  I hope not.  Of course I have no idea what happens if you get too much acid, I know too much acid with metal makes it deteriorate.
I hope we don’t rust (or fall apart)!  ;-)
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Mevely317 said...

LOL! So, I learned something new today. Must admit, I was never curious about "what lies behind" -- but this is interesting, nonetheless! $1,200 saved is nothing to sneeze about. The soup can wait! Methinks the two of you deserve a night on the town!

Susan Kane said...

Your cars are always amazing. Where do you store/keep all these amazing vehicles with their history?

betty said...

Interesting that the 2014 CRV was the last that could be towed. Son has a later model of it; seems like a fine vehicle.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's great you can do things like that yourself. But it doesn't sound like you are resting up all. Too much acid can cause Cancer sores in the mouth for me. They hurt but heal quickly when you remove things with acid in them from your diet. I've only ever had that happen from eating too many fresh tomatoes in the summer time. And I do Love them. Hope you both relax and enjoy your Sunday!

Love and hugs from a very cold Ohio,

Lisa said...

I like that Honda! I have a Ford Escape. Its about the same size as your CRV.
You did a good job on the “toad”.
Do not get anyhthing bigger or you will be trying to live in it. Haha.
We are routine here too. Im not, but he is. (Except the hugging and kissing too of course).
Everything is on schedule for him or he has a bad day. Im more spontaneous

Happy Sunday

Glenda said...

Ya just gotta have a "project" where you can use your expertise, congrats! It's a beauty, wishing you many miles and even more smiles! Hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Woody said...

Interesting Post, we see most people up here in camp grounds tow their vehicles usually with the front wheels on a dolly and every now and then for some reason we will see one with the rear wheels up on the dolly being towed backwards. Nice looking job on the tow bar !
My Honey says that our bodies should be on the "Acidic Side" ! We fight bacteria and viral infections if our body takes in Acid based food, Tomatoes and Vinegar are great and good for us ! We like routines !!!!! You 2 enjoy your vacation and behave yourselves. Sending our best regards , Gary and Anna Mae

Dar said...

Is there anything you Cannot do? When it comes to anything more than an oil change, my guy opts out. He can do just about everything out like you but no longer likes tinkering on the newer vehicles. Great job, Jack! As for that acid, I get reflux from too much of it, burning all the way up my throat. When I make our favorite homemade tomato basil soup, after it's hot, I add a half teaspoon of baking soda, it bubbles up and cuts the acid. It doesn't affect the taste. Stir it down and enjoy. Safe travels dear ones.
love n' hugs from up north where we took a short road trip to Andy's. Too cold to be outside with more winds again. Stay warm in your part of the country., you lucky kids.