Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Stormy D and names.

Trucks of Art
   This is one super dump truck I ran across for sale.  Yeah I would like to have it, I have no idea why!!

I really enjoyed the comments on names. You guys can make comments VERY interesting.

Well Mr. Doctor did nothing but talk and look for other places on my head to consider. LOL. I am scheduled for the minor surgery next Monday.

Nothing new on the new house zoning.

The Feral Cat, Stormy D., is still very pregnant. She does allow me to pet her and as I pet her I can feel the little ’puppies’ moving around.  I have offered to be her ‘mid-wife’ but she ain’t buying it.  Every nite I think this is the time. I am giving her some milk and sticking around to make sure so some other cat (or raccoon) doesn’t steal it.

Funny I tried to get her used to an old towel to lie on and she would have no part of it. Tonight I left the basement garage door up and she did venture inside. When I went down to check, she ‘shot out’ of the basement and I felt bad. I apologized as she settled outside under the motor home. I told her I would leave the door up all night.  It is raining and if she is going to drop her litter, I would like for them to be dry.

BUT I admire the ferals. They do the birthing alone. Clean up the newborns and start them nursing.  She is eating very little the last couple days but laps up that milk. I am amazed at the length of that little tongue. The last two nights she has allowed me to pet her for about 30 minutes as she walked back and forth against my legs.

That black cat has me wrapped around her little paw.  I do truly enjoy her, even her independent nature. I fixed her a little maternity ward under one of my wheelbarrows. She found it, I hope she uses it if not the basement.

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NanaDiana said...

You are a good 'catparent'. I hope your sweet girl does well with giving birth. There is nothing much cuter than a little of baby kittens tumbling all over each other and playing.
Have a great day, Jack- Diana

betty said...

You'll have to see if you can get pictures of the new kittens if they are born some place accessible. That is nice you are taking such good care of mama!


Mevely317 said...

Oh, I love how you love Stormy! … and lifting prayers for a safe delivery.

Lisa said...

GET BOX! Cats love boxes. Just a box with towel in it. Then show it to her and out her food and water bowls beside it. She will use that to have her puppies. You'll see.

from the desk

Susan Kane said...

I hope you can form a relationship with the kittens, if Stormy lets you.

We had feral cats in our old barn. It was darn scary to take a single step into it. They took care of the rats and mice effectively!

Glenda said...

Sweet story, certainly glad you and Stormy D found each other, bet she is too!

Woody said...

Good Post, Good Luck on the "Surgery" ! Interested to know where "Stormy" has her kits ! I am sure if need be you will do if she needs a "Midwife" !! Just patiently waiting for Spring and warm weather ! Lot of sickness and misery going around right now as we shift from winter to spring, Some Hospitals are closed to visitors and nursing homes also as this flu bug is dangerous ! You an the Mrs. Take care, stay dry, send our love and Prayers down your way ! Gary and Anna Mae !

Jean said...

Good luck with your surgery to remove your skin cancer Grover had many remove some they burned and cut out two he was put to sleep for surgery.
Hope the cat has good luck with her kittens keep us updated.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm thinking that mama cat is a very lucky to have found a good home there. Hope all goes well, but don't be surprised if she hides that littler away from peeping eyes. Hope all goes well with the surgery too. It'll be good to have it done and over.

Love and hugs from a sunny and 50 degree day in Ohio

Dar said...

Prayers for you as you undergo your procedure. God has you !!!! As for Stormy D., she's one lucky mama to have you tending her. I agree, A BOX is favorable for a feline about to birth. Hopefully she won't move them but she will with too many visitors. Good luck sir midwife.
love n' hugs from up north where many kittens were born in our barn or the woodshed. They, too, were feral cats and most didn't like being touched. The patient grandloves usually tamed at least one. :)

Rick Watson said...

I’m hoping she does good. I don’t think she will forget your kindness.