Sunday, March 3, 2019

Comments and medical research

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 The 1960  Elcamino, one of the sporty Pickups, referred to as the city slicker pickup.
I enjoyed the comments so much on my post about the changes in life so much I could not get them off my mind.  The post was not earth shaking, we all think of the same thing. I just wanted you to know some of the things you said, just brought up more and more innovations. Rick mentioned digital photography. Ain’t that the truth? Remember when you had to be careful or you would run out of film? I know that is a minor part of the technology, but one the average ‘older person’ can associate with.
Bobbie mentioned 9-11 happened on their honeymoon!
Betty hit me with the Microwave and DVD (CD) (vs movie film.)
MA the internet (amen), Lisa the encyclopedias, Friend Glenda the GPS, I depend on that too much now-days.
That NanaDiana.. knocked my boots off with, ”I was dad’s first born and he was 53.” Her dad was born in 1897, WOW!
Myra and Darla mentioned the Medical technologies.  Now here got me really thinking. We do have some ‘money hungry’ pharmaceutical outfits who have drove people to their knees and poverty at the costs. But, BUT we do have some dedicated researchers who have brought us some miracle drugs. 
Injections to specific ‘points’ of the body, I can ‘halfway’ understand relief and healing. But, BUT! A pill that enters thru the stomach? As a friend asked, “How does that know my throat, toe, and finger or hip is what needs the help?”

These doctors in research are amazing, but some in management want to use the doctor’s search for healing to capitalize on citizen’s NEEDS for riches.

Personally.. After receiving two Cochlear implants I met someone who was a friend and university student with the person who developed the Implant. The developer did not ‘patent’ it, but put it into public domain to help the deaf.

To me that signifies someone more interested in healing than money!

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PS: I am sitting here unconsciously tapping my implants and Sherry asks, "Are they not working?"
"They are working great, just thinking about them," I replied. 


bobbie said...

The things I wrote about were personal to me ~ but I feel I ought to add advances in medicine, too.
Way back when ~ as long as the patients fasting blood sugar was less than 250, we didn't care. And there was no such thing as an A1C reading. Gee ~ no wonder so many diabetic patients lost limbs and their eyesight!
And in ICU/CCU patients who had had a heart attack weren't even allowed to brush their own dentures for a week or so. Cath lab... what was that?! And open heart surgery was performed at only a few hospitals around the country (and weren't very successful!)
I could go on & on ~
Yours was a great post, Jack ~ and I loved seeing everyone's responses ~

betty said...

I too have wondered how a pill I take for a headache works for that part of the body, but I'm grateful it works! I know a lot of research and testing goes into a medicine before it is released to be prescribed and thus the exorbitant costs of it (plus of course the profit margin) but it is good to know that there are those out there who just want to do good no matter if they don't profit significantly from it.


Glenda said...

Thought provoking comments, Jack. Immediately thought of Marie Curie, and off to Wikipedia I go. What a brilliant and dedicated woman. Like your Cochlear Doc, she gave her research to humanity, we're forever indebted.
Y'all have a great Monday :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Very good thoughts for sure. Changes never stop and keep on going. It is wonderful to know that for some it is not all about money, but in helping others.

Hugs from a cold but sunny northern Ohio

Mevely317 said...

What an unselfish act of giving! The big pharmaceuticals seem so greedy; I once had a co-worker who maintained modern medicine doesn't want a cure for cancer (because) the pharmaceutical companies are making too much money. Isn't that sad?
Your post has certainly given us something to think about!

Dar said...

Like Meverly's heart-wrenching to know so much conflict about ' saving a human being no matter the cost or obligation,' is such a struggle in todays greedy world. It's shameful. Doctors take an oath and the pharmaceutical companies should be bound by that same oath, no matter what.
Great post, Jack. You sure make a person think.
loven'hugs from up north where it's bitter cold outside. Makes ones nostrils stick together and puts icicles on Bill's whiskers. lol Stay warm.

Lisa said...

I just think whoever invented Aspirin is the real genius.

At work


i think the pharmaceutical companies could learn a lesson. healing and not profits.

Chatty Crone said...

There are a lot of medical advances - if you can afford them! lol

Susan Kane said...

My mother had an implant and it was life-changing. So glad that you have gotten that miracle invention!

God bless that inventor.

Rick Watson said...

Just wait until AI (artificial intelligence) takes off. Scary.