Thursday, March 28, 2019

Stormy is AWOL

Trucks of Art:
          I believe this is an old French classic
But for today:

Yesterday Stormy was AWOL. I did not see hide nor one black hair of the girl. She was not in the basement, nor the maternity spot I provided. I think she is under Jim Arp’s house, the crawl door has been open.

Everything I read says a feral cat will look for a very dark and private spot. None better around here. I have said every day, tonight will be the night. I have to be right sooner or later.  Just in case she had a break to look for food I put a little (+ milk) out very late, at the basement door (leaving the garage door up 8”) and on the porch. This morning the food is gone but not the milk. I’m afraid it was other critters eating the food. I wish my trail camera hadn’t bit the dust.

I cannot believe I have fell in like with a cat. I haven’t had a cat since I was 5 years old.  I do remember old Tom, he was fun and I loved his motor.  I assume Stormy has a motor, but I haven’t heard it.

 (Stormy's last litter, this is before I could pet her and it was taken from the motor home window)

Strange thing, I was sitting on the porch petting Stormy day before yesterday and she started making a throat noise. Almost like a VERY quiet siren. I looked out and the old yellow feral cat was at a distance. I was wondering if it was a conversation. Was it fear or just get away? The yellow cat is much braver and a lot older than Stormy, She might even be Stormy’s mother. I allowed her to come on the porch and eat some of Stormy’s food, but the noise got constant and louder. I made a move and YC took off. Stormy stopped the noise. I get the idea they are not friends.

Anyway I miss the girl and hope she handles the birth well. I assume she can go a couple days without food.
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betty said...

Oh do let us know. I think, I for one, and I am sure a few others, have "adopted" Stormy along with you and have made her out "pet" too. I'm worried about her but she's done this before and I'm sure she will do just fine.


Mevely317 said...

Prayers lifted, both for Mama Stormy … and your own peace of mind! I've never been owned (or liked) by a kitty, but what you say about the feral sort makes sense!

Lisa said...

She will be fine. This is not her first rodeo. Just keep the food in distance and she will come back. She probably thinks you go AWOL more than she does.

From the Sunny side of town

Glenda said...

As much care and food that she's been getting, it's likely she could go a couple of days with stored up nutrition, she'll be surprising you soon with that litter!

Chatty Crone said...

I hope she is okay too. She really gets around. Let us know.

Jean said...

Maybe you can keep one of her kittens for a pet. You will fall in love with it. We never had a cat long at the time Grover would not have one in the house. Until Sam he love that cat and before he passed away he wanted to make sure Sam was taken care of.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

They do tend to hide away when having litters. Hope all is well and you see her before too long. Keep the food out, she'll need it. But she'll also be very protective of her litter. So it may be awhile. Thanks for the update.