Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The problem

 That Car:

For today:

I am a busy body, I seem to NEED to be doing something.  Before retirement I was a workaholic.   Before my sister Shirl passed away Sherry and I visited some assisted living facilities, in her behalf. We both liked most of them. We even agreed it would not be bad for us about now to get aboard.  I even like the idea, EXCEPT what do you do with all that time?

I mentioned to Sherry, maybe if they would hire me (on at min. wage) part time as a maintenance man. I could handle it. That sounds like a good idea to me.

What else would you suggest? Now forget TV and movies, my hearing can handle only a little of that.

I know several people who can enjoy spending time crocheting, maybe I could learn that.

I enjoy painting, maybe…..

One thing that could keep me busy is writing. I have written several books but none have much depth.  I have thought about evening classes in writing at a local college, I might like that and get inspired again.  All my writing has been mostly to satisfy my need to stay busy anyway.

BUT dadgummit, I need tools. I need to FIX something. That satisfies something in my psych (is that said right?)  (Psych: the mind: mental processes and activities.)

I know Sherry gets tired of it. But about the time I get a house or Trailer remodeled or changed to suit us (me), I am sorta ready to sell and find a fixer upper.

You just cannot do that in a ‘facility.’  Wait a minute, isn’t the hospital and jail a ‘FACILITY’, lemme think about this some more….

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Unknown said...

People like you who keep themselves busy in their later years lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. So don't feel guilty, grab your tools and get to working on something. It'll help your mental and physical health. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Sherry!


Think about it a little more. We have thought about it too. but aren't as active as you two. HAPPY Thanksgiving. ENJOY!

Mevely317 said...

I think a retirement facility like you mention would be THRILLED to have you on site. Kinda like some apartment complexes offer rental discounts to policemen, just to have their presence. See, you'd be doing a public service! (*grin*)
Happy Thanksgiving

Dar said...

It's a tough call especially for such active folks as yourselves. It's never easy to admit we are slowing our roll....but you guys? I agree you should grab your tools and get after something that keeps you happy. There ya go overthinking again.! All kidding aside, if it's meant for you to slow down, it'll happen when it happens...til then, enjoy the ride.
loven'hugs from our thankful home to yours.