Monday, February 15, 2021

She said, I don’t feel 83, but I know I am old.

  Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


1956 Pontiac Convertible

For today:

Sherry said that about age this morning at the start of our breakfast. That led into discussing our sweet friend Daisy who is just home from the hospital. She had some serious surgery. She is an active young lady of 96. She and her sister Ann (94) share a home together. They both think it is ideal, they get along marvelously and are wonderful folk.

A visit to their house is always a treat. They both are marvelous bakers and bake lots of cakes. Ann’s cakes have brought over a hundred dollars at cake auctions. I even bought one. 

Ann was exhibiting her musical skills with the Uke, flute, banjo and the spoons. She is a spry lady and still sharp as a tack.

This is Ann and Elmer (Sherry & my BIL) They were in their 90s here as boy and girl friend.

She ‘acted’ as a ‘pencil salesman’ once at a seniors meeting cracking everyone up. We still quote her. As she walked around with the pencils someone asked if they were sharpened, her reply dead panned, “Some is and some ain’t!”

Other answers just cracked us up.

Sherry said, “Do you realize I am just 10 years younger than that girl?  I hope I will be as able to get around as well as she does, Daisy quit driving but Ann still drives and does a good job of it.”

Here is Ann cutting up with William Sherry's nephew. She had given william those fake teeth, now trying to give him a popcycle.

When I do small jobs for those girls they always try to pay. Insisting that they are not out of money yet. LOL I just explain, this is my thing. It is my giving back for all that has been done for me.

There was a time when the house doors were never locked. My dad was Ann’s pastor in the 1950s. She said Dad walked into her house carrying two dressed chickens, calling, “SISTER Brown!”

I called from the kitchen, “Come on in!” He came in and told me Sister Darnell was making the rest of the dinner for a grieving church family. He asked, “Could you please fry these chickens?”

“Of course I did, that is the way we did back then.”

She has some sweet tales of mama and dad.

Back to Sherry, my answer, “You don’t look 83 nor act 83 either, you had better straighten up, Imma get you a walker tomorrow.

We are both very fortunate. I’m just 82, she raised me right!



PS: I was raised with church members having the first names of Brother and Sister. LOL That is not so much now, we use first names, even for our pastor who is ‘Pastor Danny.’



Glenda said...

Oh, this is the sweetest post ever, Jack you bring out the best in people. And Sherry will never grow old! She's the same lovely lady from 1960...and I know she's a Great Granny, you are blessed. Love and hugs, Glenda

Lisa said...

Hahah everyone in our church is named sister or brother too.
We just all one big family.

Yall aint old yet!

Unknown said...

Tell Sherry doesn't she know 83 is the new 73?

Dar said...

If we could be as spry and vital as you two when we are in our 80somethings...we will be happy, happy, happy. Bill has always followed his family of those that passed, first, wanting to get past the ages of his brothers that passed, and his parents. He's shooting for 80 but that's still pretty young for all that man accomplishes in a day. Me, not so much. If I were to reach my mama's age as she is today, I'd be a very happy gal. She still has all her wit, wonder and health at nearly 92. God Bless all who live right. Wonderful entry, Jack.
loven'hugs from up north where the bitterness is still in the air...minus -20's yet.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know I am old too and evsersy day I get older, but I cannot imagine being in my 90's and still doing as well as your friends. How nice they can still live on their own with a little help from a good friend like you. We all really do need each other. Almost a foot of snow here today and one of my son's is coming over to clear the driveway. There was a time I could do it on my own, but now I am old. Ha!

Mevely317 said...

Oh, I love Ann's attitude! She and Sherry give me hope! Of course, if I'm going to still be mobile in another 10 years I'd better start taking better care of myself.

We woke to 20* and snow flurries this morning ... even my car door was frozen shut. Tom is not a happy camper. 😜

PS - Isn't that Shirl standing behind Ann in the first photo?