Monday, February 8, 2021

I must keep trying to get it right

Autos of beauty

I took this one from Woodie last year, I think this is his car!

So for today:

There WERE standards I had in the past that I can’t seem to hold on to, such as:

1.       Keeping my fuel gauge ½ and above. Problem: I don’t pay enough attention and at times get dangerously low. If this keeps up one day I will actually run out of gas. I am really trying.

2.       I don’t like a trash can that is running over, especially in the kitchen. Lately I am getting behind the curve there also.  It does not get running over into the floor of course, but full to the top, before I (or my sweetheart gives in)

3.       I have quit carrying change in my pockets and therefore have a container of change on my dresser that is growing. AT least once lately before going to buy something I will put a dollars’ worth of change in my pocket, and it worked.

4.       Oh yeah, and I seldom go to Facebook, but when I do I make a few comments and start to leave and Mrs. Facebook reminds me I did not hit ENTER to end my comments. And I have to go back thru pages(+) to find the ones I forgot to ‘finalize.’

5.       And then today I rolled the trash out, thinking I was about late for Mr. Trashman, and I was a day early!

6.       My forgetter is working overtime. I make notes, then forget to read them.


I am laughing at myself. I had a long list of the above examples and now they slip my mind. I dream of the past, back when I was SMART (or at least smarter than I am now).

I am thankful for my life though, Sherry tries to keep me straight, but that is full time job. I have said in the past: When I lose my mind, I won’t miss it or even know it is gone, BUT if Sherry were to lose hers, she will miss it terribly.




I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I could agree with you, my mind is not what it once was. Trying to keep up and get things done isn't as easy as it once was. Still we must keep on trying. At least you have Sherry there to help keep you on trackck. Here it's all I can do most days to keep myself on track. At least I don't have time to but into others.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh I am laughing out loud - I have been doing the same things - life does change doesn't it - we take short cuts I guess.

Mevely317 said...

Now I'm laughing, too! Unless items were falling out of the trash receptacle I never gave it much mind. Not so anymore! In fact, I've become so accustomed to using a credit or debit card everywhere, I'm still carrying around a $1 bill from last March. Drives Tom crazy: "You need cash!" Me: "Why? I've got plastic and a cell phone ... who could ask for anything more?"

Glenda said...

And this one made me laugh out loud!!! Jack, we just have too much going on; I've been reading about "mindfulness". When you start a project or a chore FINISH it before moving to the next thing to do. The brain gets confused. Have a good day and relax a bit. Love and hugs, Glenda