Sunday, February 22, 2015

I am thankful I can see.

I read a head line the other day that drew me to the story. The head line was something like this, “Millions Never see the Most Common Beauty of This Earth.” The percentage was shocking, something like 96-99% will not see it.

(Most everyone has seen the beauty of the day light sky)


What was it? The canopy of stars in the heavens at night. Why is that? Too much man made light here on Earth,  Now it hit me, and and you probably understand. If you are in the city, you cannot see past the streetlights.  Even out in the  highways the car lights are too bright. Even the dash board lights over ride the heavenly sights.


That has been one of the benefits of boon-docking (camping without any electric,gas or battery lighting except the flash light.).  You turn the flashlight off for a few minutes and stare at the sky and realize that it goes and goes, the longer you look the more stars you see. The desert or ocean is the most ideal place for this. As I read the article I thought, “Thanks God I can still see.”

”A few years ago (okay many years ago) when my arm got too short for me to read well, I bought glasses. I could see again.


I enjoyed the eye correction for a few years, and slowly I realized driving at night was becoming a confusing problem. All the lights were getting a halo around them.


Eye tests again, but the Doctor says, you need cataract Surgery. I visited St Luke’s Eye Clinic in Tarpon Springs Florida. He was recommended by a dear friend. The surgery went well, I learned a lot. My care giver administered the eye drops a the prescribed times along with a kiss and I got better VERY SOON. I could see again.


Doctors do wonders, I thought it was neat, the old man Dr. James Gill did my eyes. It was unique thinking that the same guy that operated on Billy Graham, was doing my eyes. It is sorta unique, the staff offers to pray with you before surgery. Of course they have heard the joke many times, “WHAT? I thought he was good at this?”


  Dr. Gill at the time had  performed more eye surgeries than anyone in the world. The costs were the same or less than other Drs.

Yes, I am glad I can see.

Nite Shipslog


There are thousands of eye doctors out there, and I don’t doubt they can do a good. I just had a good experience at St. Luke’s.


ArtCar-6873-142-1afb1_medium_640 STAR_CAR_DISPLAY_BEST_BW

A star-shape car and a car with stars.


And then there is the 1929 STAR pickup.


betty said...

Always good to hear of a good experience with a doctor especially when dealing with the eyes, so glad to read about yours, Jack. Such a wonderful gift of sight God has given to us; those that can see should always be grateful for that ability indeed!



It is indeed wonderful you can see. Both my husband and I have cataracts so surgery is in our future. Your positive experience gives us hope that things will turn out fine.

Paula said...

Glad you had such a good experience with eye surgery. We have a good eye doctor here too but there is a limit what can be done for John. Wish his sight was better. He is having to drive more with my back and leg nerve pain.

Unknown said...

Sight is a wonderful thing. I love looking at the stars, too. We have some light pollution here, but I've been in places where I could see the stars.
It's wonderful what cataract surgery can do.
I also like those caregivers who have the personal touch. ;-)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is a very wonderful thing to be able to see and to appreciate it all. I've been blessed to be able to see the stars out in the country away from city lights. It really makes a difference.

shirl72 said...

I forgot about you having cataract
surgery. That is something the
same Dr. did yours that operated
on Billy Graham. I think it is wonderful that they have prayer
before surgery. Hopefully my eyes
are OK. As our Brother would say "ONE NEVER KNOWS DOES ONE".