Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The first time, or a First, WHAT a surprise

 Car of the day

The FIRST Automobile ever

So for today:

FIRSTS. As a Marine, once it was my 'privilege' to drive a Radio Relay truck off LST 1167.


The Gunny told me have it in first gear (granny)  when YOU hit the beach. The LST ship has a flat bottom and pulls into the beach. Granny is slow, so I was up a gear. I drove off into the sand, OUCH the gunny was right. I did a speed shift and sunk, spinning all 4 tires! The Gunny yelled and I knew Corporal Darnell was in trouble. A winch was hooked to me and the landing continued. It didn’t matter that others got stuck, he heard me shift gears and he knew I had not followed his orders.

That was a FIRST for me I had never stuck a truck and my FIRST time in Turkey.


A few years ago our Friends Buddy and DI took us for a ride in a Prius, our FIRST in an Electric Auto. Buddy hit the accelerator and I learned ‘Them dudes have some Torque.’

A few days ago a car passed us, I said, “Honey that is a Telsa!”  The FIRST one I have seen on the road.


Two days ago I saw a black car darting in and out of traffic. Driving wild. He blew past me on the right cut in front of a car with just enough space to make it and he was out of sight. A few traffic lights later put me 2 cars back in another lane and I could see the car well. It was a Maserati ($152,000). 

The FIRST one of those I have ever seen on the road. When the light changed he took off like a greased marble from under a fat man’s shoe.

 Later Sherry and I went out to Hardees for Breakfast.  My treat, I got change. Still later I noticed a wheat penny, checking, it was a 1945. I have never seen a 1945 copper penny. (1942-1945 no copper for pennies) This was a FIRST for me. Can you imagine my shock when I checked?

 The first price listed on EBAY was $50,000, used. But shucks some were selling low, $4,500. Yeah I am keeping it safe. As everyone knows, Value of coins is in the eye of a collector. When you do not have a buyer, it is a penny for heaven’s sake, LOL

Nite Shipslog


Friend Don has been reading about coin values, maybe I will sell it to him for $4,000. ;-)

Now after all that hullabaleau, you  can ask what you like for any coin, but this one in actual value is much less.


Susie said...

I loved reading about your firsts. I like fast cars too. But not around me. LOL I tell my sisters, drive fast when you can, slow when you have too and carp about it. :) Let us all know when you sell your penny. You will be taking Sherry to a nicer place than Hardies, Right? Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Mevely317 said...

What a thrill to discover that penny! My dad tried to interest me in coin collecting, but that didn't interest me. Now I'm wondering what to do with the few 1-cent books that have been sitting in the hope chest since 1981. Hope springs eternal, LOL!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

What a lucky find that 1 penny. Well done Jack. Best wishes of happiness and good health.

God bless you all.

betty said...

Wow, now I better start picking up pennies I see on the ground. I usually leave them for kids to find with all their excitement to do so. I could be missing a penny worth a lot of money!

Come to Phoenix. Teslas are all over the place here :) Our neighbor across the way has one. We have seen a couple Maseratis here too :) Would be fun to take a drive in one but not sure I would want to own either of them :)


Unknown said...

Wow, that was a lucky find. My husband was just saying the other day he can't find any more wheat pennies as he was checking the change they gave him back when we got our dinner. Hang onto it, it may be worth something someday.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great find with that penny. I never think to check mine out but I have a grandson that collects coins and he always checks out whatever change I have when he comes to visit. I keep it in a bag for him. So far no great finds here. Good luck with yours ! Hope you make some money on it.

My Tata's Cottage said...

What a cool find the penny! My dad collected coins. My grandfather too. I have some silver dollars, quite old. :-) I love them but who knows soon with this digital currency they want, money will be worthless. Makes me sad.
W have seen a DeLorean and a Bentley. Lots of classic Corvettes too. But those cars you saw, high end.
My niece Holly had a Prius. But they were t boned in an intersection. If her daughter had been in the car, she would not be here today. The car crumpled like a paper bag. Sarah was home sick, grateful that Steve, and Sean their son were not seriously injured as that backseat took the brunt of the hit!
We had a wheat penny somewhere. I think in my little tin collector jar of miscellaneous change.
You tell great stories. Reminds me of my father-in-law Carl. He was a Navy man. :-)
Hoping the traveling is going well and you are seeing lots of fun things. A gal yesterday said her style is Early American Garage Sale. hahaha so cute!
Take care,

Dar said...

We also have many coins of value that the grandloves will get someday. Most of them are silver dollars from the 1800's and $2 dollar bills as well as Silver Certificates I always got as tips working as a waitress in my teens. I'm glad I kept them all these years. Once again, my favorite ' first ' was meeting my guy for the ' first ' time after not seeing him for 20some years. It's been one beautiful ride ever since.
loven'hugs from up north in our 'warmer every day ' weather.