Thursday, February 24, 2022

Seconds, Second Time or Second Hand

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


For today:

I got my Driver’s license on the Second try. I had a lot of success on my second house.  So for many things in our lives the second time around works.

My dad called ‘used stuff’, 'second hand' stuff.  All our lives we have used ‘Second Hand’ stuff, including clothes, cars and used tires!

Growing up the only beef cooked at our house was ground beef, stew meat, or cubed steak. Mama’s ‘steak and gravy’ was delicious. She called it Country style steak.

This was one of Jim's car collection, the Isetta.

Shirley had a tale about Mama & her husband Jim.  After dad’s death mama stayed at times with Jim and Shirley.  Mama was fixing cubed steak for their dinner. Jim came out back where Shirley was working in the yard and said, “Your mama is beating the hell out of that meat!”  Shirl explained mama was doing her ‘tenderizing’. Mama would take a plate and held it edge ways to add more chops to the ‘chopped steak’. Her chopped steak was never tough.

Well the other day we had chopped steak, it was tough. Sherry froze the left overs. Tuesday She reminded me I had said I wanted to try cooking the steaks a ‘second time’, so I did. I did it in the slow cooker. A can of Beef Broth, chopped onion, 3 small whole potatoes in the skin and a hand full of carrots. I also dumped some left over beef gravy from the fridge. I slow cooked it for about 3 hours after bringing it to a boil. It worked, those little steaks that were hard to cut with a knife before, cut with the edge of a fork. The meal was delicious, the second time around was great.

Y’all mighta known that all along, but now we know. I had thought of pressure cooking things like that, but I have replaced the pressure cooker with the slow cooker. We kinda like the smell of the motor home with the slow cooker going.

Thanks for stopping by our coach. WE appreciate it. Also I have enjoyed ALL the comments.  WE might not agree on everything, but I want you all to know I sure do like you that read this.  Sooo Again THANKS, Life is good (Most of the time ;-))


PS: WE have enjoyed yard sales and thrift shops across this great country. If nothing else it is educational… ;-)


My Tata's Cottage said...

Oh your meal sounds wonderful! It also reminded me to get up and prepare my stuffed bell peppers for dinner tonight. My mom always made the best meals : swiss steak, fried chicken, roast. all the classic meals. My MIL Rita too. Goodness I miss those precious ladies.
I passed my drivers license on my second try, I was so sad but grateful the second time the gentleman was so kind and told me not to be nervous. He was a very nice person.
I love the crock pit too but the air fryer makes yummy stuff without all the grease like fries and sweet potato fries, egg rolls. We were ordering out a lot and decided we need to cook more at home. Our youngest daughter makes fabulous meals for her sweetheart husband. She always says, Moooother, cook, you are a great cook! I Love that girl! My specialty is spaghetti with meatballs and Sweet Italian Sausage. My husband is a chili guy and he perfected my mom's Texas Hash.
I hope you are all enjoying the roads and highways and byways. Stay safe. We are in a deep freeze.
Much love to Sherry & Jack & all

Mevely317 said...

I'm laughing so hard about Jim's comment. My own momma had one of those mallets/tenderizers. Suppose those even still exist?
Good going on resurrecting that chopped steak in the slow cooker. I wanted an air fryer so very much, but truth be told, we rarely use it -- preferring the slow cooker.

PS - Now I've got a new ear-worm: Sinatra's "Second Time Around."

Gary B Wood said...

The 2nd time around is usually good on a lot of things, A Stew, Chile, Goulosh, Spaghetti, and some others are good after sitting overnight or a couple days in the fridge, They seem to taste better.
I grew up with "Seconds" in a family of eight, shoes, pants, shirts, socks, coats, boots. Nothing wrong with "Seconds" !!!!
Glad your enjoying the "Coach" !
sending down love and you take care, Gary and Anna Mae

Glenda said...

OMG, so happy to have logged on today (to see if I could see with my left eye, NOPE, but overall, with my readers, I CAN!!!)
and, STILL HAVEN'T FOUND WHERE YOU GOT TO "SECOND BASE"... that girl Sherry is a winner!!!
So....if I can witch about MY ailments ~ like it or not ~ I have two weeks until my right eye is fixed. Since third grade I've worn glasses, maybe NO MO!
Next, I'll get my knees replaced, had that left leg in ultra-sound process) in a hideously expensive hospital here (only game in town but they try not to act like it) haha. The ortho guy did x-rays and whoopsie do, there are large gaps that suggest deteriorated cartilidge.
Feel like I'm doing the Military thang.....LEFT.LEFT.LEFT. RIGHT.LEFT...HAD A GOOD HOME BUT I LEFT...
ALL OF A SUDDEN MY EYES WENT, MY LEGGY BONES, AND GOODNESS GRACIOUS, WHAT'S NEXT??? Imma thinking they're going to send me for a "Mental Exam" except no one has the authority ~ ummmm let me check that. Actually have a will and that's somewhere here in a file....write it down Glenda....find that file!!!
Love and warm hugs from Chobee...where you know to turn off to the right on the turnpike...but please come here when you can bring our first Church baby, Jackie, Jr. and Mark [if we are both in our "right minds" as Mama would proclaim.] I would likely improve healthwise if I had a hug from them, ijs

Lisa said...

We still beat our steaks. Haha.
Country style steak, we cook it for hours. One of my favorite meals.
Here is how we do our country style steak….
Toss in flour and fry it on both sides just until it stops bleeding.
Then we place it in a pot of boiling water and let it cook for a few hours.
It will make a good gravy and the longer it cooks, the better it is.
One of my favorite meals.

Now im hungry

betty said...

Methinks the first time was the charm with Sherry. You got that one right the first time around. Your second try with the meat sounded yummy! I gave my Insta pot away. Seemed like too much work to cook in it. I do prefer the slow cooker too!


Unknown said...

That chopped steak in the slow cooker sounded soooo good. When you mentioned the pressure cooker it reminded me of when I was a kid and staying at my aunt's house. She put some beans in the pressure cooker to cook and we all went about our business. A couple hours later we heard a loud pop, my cousin screamed, we all ran into the kitchen and wouldn't you know the pressure cooker lid had come off and beans had exploded all over the kitchen. We all just stood there in shock. Thank God none of us was in the room when the lid came off. It took forever to clean beans off the walls, ceiling, you name it. It's a funny memory now that we laugh about.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Second time round clothes. We used to call them hand-me-downs where the clothes of the oldest child used to be passed down to the younger children to wear thus saving having to buy new ones.

I hated going to school wearing my sisters' dresses!

God bless.

Dar said...

We also have many seconds, clothes from our elder siblings, toys, even fabric was reused for quilts after the clothes were worn down...even if it meant stuffing a pillow. My favorite 2nd ever is still my honey. The 2nd time around in this case was a life saver for me and the kiddos. Being from a large family of 9 kids, we very often had the toughest steak 'tenderized' and cooked forever either in the oven or the slow cooker. It was like 2nd hand steak but the absolute best eating with potatoes, carrots, celery and onions.
Sounds like supper tomorrow. Never a complaint about mama's great cooking.
loven'hugs from a northern girl who also passed her driver's license the 2nd time around. It's finally warming up again, for the 2n'd, 3r'd and 4th time in a week.