Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Legitimate Political Discourse, WHAT?

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Yep, You can have it both ways......

For today:

Last January 6th I became physically sick watching ignorant, misguided,  stupid people DESTROYING Government Property at the SEAT of MY GOVERNMENT. WE looked like a 3rd world country.

I listened later as the ‘riot’ was SPUN to be led by anti-government groups like Antifa(?), NOT patriots nor were they true representatives of the President.  

Now for a year the theory has been pushed that “It was only a legit protest that went wrong because some of bad guys.”

Then I read that if re-elected Mr. Trump will PARDON those ‘bad guys’ convicted by the courts. Can you have it both ways?

I will be the first to say MANY good honest people got carried away and have RUINED their lives in that few hours of venting (confused) frustrations. BUT THEY WERE WRONG!

Do I agree with the verdicts I have heard so far? YES I do. Many who were just inside walking around have received only a hand slap. I know many want to paint this the same as a BLM or similar riot, BUT this was OUR CONGRESSIONAL BUILDING, the SEAT of our Government, founded on a great constitution. If this was legitimate protest, WHY did the Republican Members of Congress also take cover? WHY didn’t they get out there and lead this group? Why wasn't our president himself there?

SO now my party has decided (In fear of their political lives) and agreed to say this was not a RIOT, but a legitimate Political avenue.

I am a conservative, presently a registered Republican. I do not doubt there were some illegal votes cast in this past election, THERE ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, BUT, BUT not any more than in previous elections. President Biden won the last election. Judges across the country, some appointed by Trump, even his own ATTY General have said they see no evidence of MAJOR fraud, PLEASE does anyone actually think that ALL these judges are crooks? I am a believer that Mr Trump listened to misguided advisors and his EGO took over. I think that history will show this as a shame on this country.



PS: I cut this from 1200 words, written the day the Republican Party said this was NOT a Riot. I am still disgusted with them. I agree it was not an armed insurrection, BUT DANG-IT, IT WAS A CRAZY RIOT!

A riot to try and force a change in how USA citizens voted. There is an old true adage, ‘Tell a lie often enough and it will be believed.’ AND yes I think Then president Trump is due blame for the riot and especially for NOT trying to stop it.

The above is my frustrated opinion.  You too have an opinion. I DO NOT delete nor disparage opposing comments.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think people should learn there are consequences to their actions. Something like that riot should not be swept under the carpet. More than anything I'm an American and I believe in our country. Land of the free and home of the brave. I've never been very political but I believe in truth and justice the American way.

yaya said...

What happened was a disgrace. It was a fine example of mob mentality and how easily people can be lead to do something they wouldn't dream of doing on their own. Can we not think for ourselves? Does social media or the news have to make our decisions for us? We need to investigate anyone running for office as best we can leaving out the opinion of "celebrities". Check them out. Find out what they stand for. Anyway, we need to find out what we stand for. As the saying goes: "If we don't stand for something, we'll fall for anything."

Mevely317 said...

My sweet mother wisely observed, "If we all liked the same thing ours would be a mighty dull world."
I'd better leave it at that. (*grin*)
Still love y'all.

Susan Kane said...

When the BLM and Antiva were rioting and spread violence, their actions were called as peaceful, expressions of frustration. I can still see Pelosi's downplaying this monstrous display of treason.

Then Jan 6 was compared Pearl Harbor and 9/1l. The rhetoric of liberal leaders is darn scary.

betty said...

I read this great article about January 6th.

I really like the writings and thinking of the man who wrote this, Erik Erickson. He tells it like it is. He calls out both Republicans and Democrats for their wrong doings and didn't "worship" Trump. He laid out some really good points a lot of people I don't think knew or even considered.

In my less than humble opinion a riot is a riot is a riot whether it is in the nation's Capital or the streets of cities like Portland and the like. Those who caused damage, no matter where, should be held accountable. Sadly, I don't think all those that rioted during the summer of 2020 were held accountable.


Brenda said...

I did not watch what was going on, but I did read about it. How anyone...of any party...I am registered NO PARTY...could have accepted what was going on in this country for the four years...esp the disregard for the health of people and making a virus that has killed almost 900,000 in this nation alone, political...really how could anyone...What is so hilarious is that the man was a Democrat and changed his party to R. to run for one seems to remember that fact. I have lived through presidents of both parties...I have not seen a really bad one...well maybe one or two...but I was sad for four years of what was going on. Finally...we do have a decent Social Security raise...interest for homes down...etc. I love your blog. I also have never read so many blogs where people attack the present administration for what they are trying to clean up...they inherited this.

Eileen in Fla. said...

These are perilous times, none of which were Biden's doing - extreme weather, Pandemic, Russian aggression, inflation and on and on. The record shows that former guy did not do one single thing for America during his 4 years. Biden is a good man who loves America. Former guy lied 30,000 times and constantly refused to follow the law. The current GOP has changed, and we should too. We all should support our President.