Sunday, February 20, 2022

Words........ words of the son of a former slave.

 Today’s automobile:  '57 Cross Country Rambler.

We owned one of these and loved it. It was a great family car.

 And now some thoughts for today:

I have been so frustrated lately, personal problems, and life.  I have written several Blog entries VERY LONG trying to express how I feel about our country and its present state. They lie here unused because I might offend some of you.

I want to say first, I love this country with all its warts and scars. Whether you agree with me or not we are still free in this country. I listened to an interview with the son of a slave today. A wonderful example of a REAL MAN in his 90s.

 Daniel Smith said once as a child that he said something against the USA. He said his father shook him pretty good and said, “This is a great country, IT is learning, and YOU are FREE. I will not hear one word against this country!” WORDS said by a former slave.

There some things in our country I do not agree with. I am fairly conservative. I have been a Democrat, Independent and a Republican. I have voted for all stripes. I voted for Perot, I wasted a precious vote.

Laws? Governments have always made laws.  We elect reps. that vote for us.  We try to pick good representatives, and I know at times I have selected ‘the lesser of two evils’ (IMO). Some laws I think are too strict some are too lax, but overall I try to obey them.

Our Congress gave the president the power of Executive Orders. The Party not in power doesn’t like it when it is used, but the next president can rescind them.

Presidents use their PEN when congress will not pass some law or idea they prefer.

I did not agree with the mandates for civilian businesses to force their employees to wear masks or get shots.  BUT if I had been working and had a good job, I guarantee I would have complied rather than lose a good job. 

Now that said, I do agree with the requirement for the military, 100%. WE have had entire warships disabled  due to Covid. SHOTS? Been there done that. I probably took at least 50 shots, ALL that were required when entering foreign waters; I am still alive to smile at 83.  My family accepted many required shots to follow me to a foreign country.

AGAIN I am frustrated I have reached my limit (self imposed)  of words and haven’t said what I want to. Maybe I can continue tomorrow. I need to learn to be concise.



PS: Daniel Smith's life was not easy.....   


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think you've done a great job of expressing yourself. I try to stay away from politics topics and can only say I love America too. I came from a long line of immigrants who came to the country for the freedoms it represents. Every one of them was proud to be an American !

Mevely317 said...

I'm sorry to hear you're still so frustrated, Jack.
Pretty sure you and Sherry know on which side of the aisle I stand, so I'll refrain from making any snarky remarks about elected officials. (LOL) How burdensome it must feel to be in their positions, realizing how divisive our Country's become, how vulnerable they are. Even back in 1968. I remember hearing someone I respected exclaim, "Good!" in response to the news RFK had been assassinated.
Still proud to be an American!

PS - Love that story told by Daniel Smith!

Lisa said...

I’m usually pretty quite when it comes to politics. I do not have the knowledge to argue either side.


Susan Kane said...

You said almost everything I have been thinking, and I'm only 70! The executive orders and the pens infuriate me.

betty said...

I think you should feel free to write what you want Jack and not worry about offending people who might read it. Could give them a warning at the top of the post that it may be "offensive" to some and they can choose to read it or not.

I am thankful we live in a free country and it is for the most part a pretty good country to live in! I do not care for our present administration but faithfully every day we pray for them.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Let us pray.

God bless.

yaya said...

As with all social media, if someone is offended they can just scroll on by. I've never met you or Sherry but I can tell from your blog you have a good heart and would not intentionally do harm to anyone. However, we are free in this wonderful country that I love to have a voice and an opinion. You've written very clear and concise about your feelings and I applaud you and agree with your point of view. Hang in there...I know we can keep this country great!