Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I hate to lose a favorite thing…

Most folk who drink tea or coffee have that one cup or goblet they migrate to.  Even those who do not consider ‘a FAVORITE’ cup actually have one they prefer.

When we first started traveling Sherry collected match books. She had a 5 gallon jar full I think. We also migrated to collecting coffee cups. We have probably over a hundred cups, we have long sense cut back on the number of cups we carry.

We visit new churches across the country and cups are among the most popular gifts to visitors. A couple times we have tried to turn them down, but we quit that.


Now to my problem.  Our favorite cups are from Boot Hill in Dodge City.  Mine just developed a chip. It is not on the edge I use, so I am stubbornly holding onto it. 


I have a pair of shoes I bought to wear to Sherry’s 25th HS Class reunion. I have worn them every reunion since then. They are my Sunday Go to meetin’ shoes.  They are now  33 years old, I am sure they will last 10 more.

This year I actually threw away some shirts that were WORN OUT.  Boys wear stuff out. I loved those shirts and one pair of pants. But if you know me, you know they weren’t thrown away. I cut the buttons off and cut them up for rags. I have PILES of rags, I love rags. I do not save the buttons any more.   For a long time we did. That is a learned reaction. I think my mama had every button that went thru our house in jars when she died. She could match about any button I lost.

MY cup?  I could actually grind the lip down, but I could not re-glaze it. But I sure hate to throw it away.  Maybe I will have a burial for it.

Have you broken or lost a favorite thing lately?

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I have to ask, How did this happen?



1956 44676_Side_Profile_Web1956 chevrolet1956 Plymouth Fury1956_Dodge_Custom_Royal_Lancer_Sedan2

These were built the year we were married….

(yeah I still have anniversary on my mind!)


Paula said...

"Rags", now that is a sore subject with me. We have a tall container full. Actually the container is my daughter's clothes hamper that matched a toy box. Does John step into the garage for a rag when he needs one? No! He grabs a towel or wash cloth. Good entry as usual.

betty said...

We had two matching wine glasses from when we went wine tasting one time. One broke a bit ago, that made me a little sad since they were just the right size and shape, now when we have wine with dinner, we're scrambling around to find things that somewhat match. I like when churches or other organizations give us coffee cups; we've gotten a few ourselves over the years :)


Chatty Crone said...

You brought back an old memory - my grandma and mom had a huge jar of buttons - it was so much fun playing with them - putting them in color and sixes - just had so much fun - could keep me busy. I just have a little jar my kids will probably throw out when I die.


When my mother in law passed away we discovered jars and jars full of buttons.I don't like letting go of a favorite mug, myself. So I know understand your position.

Mevely317 said...

What a host of memories you've awakened!
My parents used to collect matchbooks; and in turn, I did the same.
Now, most of my coffee mugs have a special memory (or two) associated with them; and each is used on a specific day of the week.

I can't recall having lost anything lately, but I've sure regretted some decisions to discard this or that. Maybe I should impose a 48-hour waiting period on myself going forward?

Uh, I digress.
Your mug? Hey, if it doesn't pose a safety hazard, I say keep it close. That chip just adds a character - like wrinkles, maybe.

shirl72 said...

If the chip in not on the side
you drink out of keep it.

I haven't lost anything lately.
Before moving I lost one ear ring
of my favorite pair.

Thanks for Dinner at Luke's
Birthday Party.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm currently using a mug with a chip on it. It;s a favorite and I refuse to give it up. Like yours the chip isn't on the side I drink from. I'm thinking I'll continue to use it as long as lasts. I like the comment that it adds some character.

Yaya Snaps said...

Don and I moved so many times that I gave up holding on to things years ago. I haven't broken any favorite thing recently...but I would hate something to happen to the photo album/scrapbook I have that has pictures of Don in it. Or have anything happen to Baron. Beyond that...I'm good!

PS my Mom saved buttons...she had "tons" of them...when it came time for me to go through family stuff I saved them for a while and then sent them to an internet friend who was crafty.

Unknown said...

"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most." ;-)

Like the buttons. It was always an adventure to go through Mama's button tin. There were lots of interesting buttons that I don't see on clothes today.