Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our (?) Cat…

cat 003

This has been our only pets until  “THE CAT”

cat 002

When we first bought this place I saw a gray cat every once in awhile.  Cats frustrate and amaze me at the same time. It would not come when called of course and took off in a flash as soon as we saw each other.

Stella lives here now. I was amazed to see ‘my’ cat walk up to her and sorta rub it’s ears on her leg and feet, you know like scratching or soothing an itch (or being friendly who knows?)

We haven’t fed it but the dude eats somewhere, cause it is not undernourished.  I think  I like it, but we are not going to be around long enough to make a lasting relationship.Smile.

Day before yesterday I changed both fuel filters, then started the coach it ran well.  Yesterday I removed a broken dishwasher and installed a new one. Since Reece (granddaughter who lives here now) will be around without us, I actually for the first time bought insurance on the dishwasher.

When I say Reece & Stella lives here. I mean they live in our house, we just park behind it. This is our home base and we have a spot with full hookup behind the house.  I have made many improvements (without permits) and I am always expecting a letter in the mail, “Notice has been taken of the car and RV ports and the large storage buildings…etc..

Anyway the TO DO list is being cut down a little at the time…

I changed the oil in this Cummings Engine yesterday. After I finished I told Sherry Now I have finished the moat aggravating job (plumbing under the house), the simple job of changing the fuel filters, and the DIRTIEST JOB Changing the oil.

Diesel oil is the dirtiest oil of any vehicle. Glad it is done. Now I take the 5 gallons of used oil back to the store to recycle it.

In few minutes we leave here for something I look forward to, we are going to meet Tony. A first cousin I haven’t seen in years. On Daddy’s side there were 14 siblings, so I have more first cousins than I know.  I am looking forward to it. Sherry is going along to tell me what I hear. Embarrassed smile

I’m back. Had a great time, Here we are:


Nite Shipslog


It is a pity that our family only gets together at funerals. TONY & his sister Nicky are planning to change this. They are planning a Reunion next year.



Okay, you are looking at Tony’s car. Ain’t it a beauty? 1954 Buick Roadmaster..




Paula said...

You and your cousin favor except for size. I have lots of double cousins since three members of one family married three members of another family. We seldom see each other.

betty said...

That cat looks cute and comfy where he was perched and you are right, he does look well fed :) Must enjoy the company when he comes by your way :)

How fun with the family reunion next year; good that you got to see Tony this tme around; I agree, you guys do look a lot alike.


Woody said...

I can see a resemblence between you 2, yer right, diesel fuel and used diesel oil are stinky items, thankfully lemon juice and tomatoe juice take the smell away.
Tonight it is supposed to did down to 20 deegrees, that will surely make the tree leaves fall.
Take care you 2 and enjoy!!!

Mevely317 said...

Over the years I've 'enjoyed' (not!) a similar relationship with my son's felines.
It's pretty unsettling when I remember that animals are darn intuitive and spot-on about a person's character.

So glad you had an great visit with your cousin!

Chatty Crone said...

You are like me - love the reunions and get together with family. He looked like a terrific guy - hope you had a nice time.

shirl72 said...

I hope the cat stays over your
way..I have plenty on my street.

Glad you got to meet Tony. Will
ask you some question in an e-mail.
My Fl. Company has left the building. Glad your home is running


that kitty is a cutie. Enjoy it's antcis. So nice you got to visit your cousin.

Jean said...

Tony is a nice looking guy and it was nice you two could get together after so long a time. Take care.Jean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Isn't it the truth. I do the same with seeing many of my cousins at funerals too. My mom and dad both came from a family of 10 so I have lots of cousins too. Glad you got to see yours. A reunion would be fun.

Rose said...

I'm highly allergic to cats, therefore, not fond of them. I'll refrase that, I don't like having to go to the ER because of them.