Thursday, September 25, 2014

When the surprise is …Anticlimactic

Lukes 19th BD 003
(Me ‘n Sister Shirl)
Last night was sweet in one way. Son Mark drove in from Florida for his son Luke’s 19th BD.  We all went to Longhorn for supper, to celebrate.  It was very sweet to me because Mark and Corinne are divorced, and it was a very sad and explosive time. It has been a few years now.  Corinne was part of our family for many years she was and is like a daughter to us. Love that girl.
Lukes 19th BD 005
Tonight was no reunion of course, but it was quiet and very cordial. There at the table was Son Mark on Luke’s Right and Corinne on his left. It was s good time, we had about 10 family there.
Lukes 19th BD 008
Sherece and Stella and Grandma Mary was there.
Lukes 19th BD 009
(Cousin Stephen made it)
Sherry had mentioned since Luke’s BD is 2 days after our anniversary, let’s just take that as our anniversary celebration.
Lukes 19th BD 001
(And my girl, Sherry!)
I thought it okay, so being Mr. Cool I found a great heart shaped ‘Sterling silver and Mystic Fire topaz Diamond Accented Necklace’ for my sweetheart. Gift wrapped with the ‘sweetest note about my Heart is always yours, etc.’ I asked Mark to slip it in to the table for me. After the BD wishes for Luke, I asked if it was all right for me to give Sherry a gift for our Anniversary. I handed her a nicely gift-wrapped small package. I was smiling.
                           Sherry gift
When she opened the box, the Topaz set had fell from the sterling silver heart.  So I could not put it around her neck and smile.
I knew I could fix it, but not there.
Sure takes the wind out of your sails when the end you expect it Anti-climatic.
At home I fixed the pendant, but the glow of the moment was gone.
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Of course all is well, the pendant is ‘fixed’ and she got to wear it that evening at home. She is sweet.
This my Girl’s favorite antique CAR, the 1948 Chevy Fleetline. (I am her favorite ANTIQUE!)


Unknown said...

Looks like a great night. And someone caught little Stella smiling. That's sweet.

Paula said...

It's good when people from divorce can suck it up and go on. We can do it with one family but not the other and probably not ever. The necklace is beautiful and to a sweet girl who deserves it, I'm sure.


You may not have been able to put the necklace around her neck at the party but you were able to surprise her with it and that's what counts the most.

Sheila Y said...

That was a sweet surprise for Sherry. It is nice they could all come together to celebrate. Happy Birthday Luke!! And again Happy Anniversary to you and Sherry! Love ya, Sheila

shirl72 said...

I'm glad everybody had a good time.
Good to see everyone and enjoy
their company. The necklace was
beautiful. I have some ear rings
that glow like that I guess I will
have to give them to Sherry to match
her necklace.

As you head out to Fl. be careful
and stay safe...

betty said...

It is a beautiful pendant though! The celebrating looked fun too; glad so many could participate in both celebrations of Luke's birthday and your/Sherry's anniversary!


Rick Watson said...

My Uncle Pete hat one of those cars. His didn't look as good as this one, especially since he cut the top off behind the front seat and made, what I think, was the first El Camino car/truck.

He used it to haul coal.

Mevely317 said...

Ah, but I suspect this twist in the Topaz will make for better story-telling as the years go by. (It's so pretty, Jack!)

I think it's most heartwarming that you observed your anniversary celebration with some of those you love best. Love everyone's smiles!

Woody said...

As you saw in my entry the picture of me on the far side and my ex wife on the other side and kids and grand kids in middle, my ex likes my wife Anna Mae, she tolerates me, Oh well, life is too short to quibble over the past. Glad you all got together!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a grand celebration for the birthday and the anniversary. Anytime family gathers is always good. That pendant is lovely and I'm sure Sherry didn't mind that it had slipped and had to be fixed.

Chatty Crone said...

Believe me it was a wonderful and thoughtful gift!

And nice yours son came in and your DIL both came.