Thursday, June 18, 2009

Off to New YOrk tomorrow, Today Walking in the woods.

Walker and Legs at the half way point, Legs is a tall guy!
Here we are at the half way point for the third time. Maybe it will be the last time and we will finish the trail this year, if not WE QUIT!

Looking from the new bridge to an old Bridge over the Susquehanna River at York, PA

We passed this log cabin when walking out of Pinegrove a couple days ago, someone's beautiful summer cabin, bordering on the Appalatchian trail.

Notice my girl walking over a few rocks, they are plentyful in Pennsylvania, the Hikers call it Rocksylvania.

This is 'Yak' (trail name) we met him as he approached Pine Grove furnace. He is now half way on his hike to Mt Katahdain. He has hiked over a thousand miles since the early SNOW the first of March.

This is the Pine Grove Furnace where Iron was melted for over a hundred years.

This is Dan and Joan the happy couple who live in Lancaster. Joan's family are from Lancaster, DAn is a transplanted NC boy. Joan had taken up golf and is quite good I hear. They also ride a Harley!!!

Today's exciting adventure:

The trip here has been nice. A few bumps in the road with the RV but all in all the visits with old friends made the stop in Pennsylvania a great success. This area of PA is absolutely magnificent this time of the year. I remember the first time I heard the name Susquehanna it sounded very odd. Dallas mentioned the river several times in our first conversations in 1956. Now it is old hat. We have even walked across it, (On a bridge of course).
Dan is a North Carolina boy. His family, the Doughtons, are famous in past NC history. He had an uncle who was Lt. Governor of NC and another uncle who was a Senator and head of the Ways and Means Committee in Washington. One Uncle was instrumental in pushing the Blue Ridge Parkway through. Now there is a Doughton Park on the parkway. Dan himself worked for the President in the basement of the WhiteHouse (with the Navy), Nixon was President.
Dan and Joan were the dancers. At our Christmas parties (When he was my boss in Naval Intelligence Processing) the crowd would stand back and quit dancing to watch Dan & Joan ‘Cut a rug’. Joan is a cute little thing and Dan is a pretty tall guy. It is no wonder her favorite TV program, like Shirl, is Dancing with the Stars.They entertained everyone. All our PA friends have great personalities. (TRUE)
The one notable thing about our friends here is they are ‘Family’ oriented! Dal & Marion have five kids and they have kids. They are a very close knit family. Dan & Joan have four. Joan has their children displayed, with their kids. They are also a very close knit family. All are doing well.
Did I tell you, we have walked about ten miles here on the trail. We walked up to the AT half way trail marker today. WE met some more through hikers. Today it was Walker and Legs. Day before yesterday we met Yak, who hopes to finish the trail on his 55th birthday in September. We may see these guys again if we are able to stay on the trail this year.
Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog
Written By Regina Brett

****** Growing old beats the alternative -- dying young.

***** Your children get only one childhood.

***** All that truly matters in the end is that you loved.

***** Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere.

***** If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's,we'd grab ours back. (We should all copy and frame that last one.)


shirl72 said...

Dan and Joan are a nice looking couple. Sounds
like they know how to have fun. I wish I would
started taking dancing. I wanted to tap dance.
It may not be to late. I did take some lessons
at Authur Murray. You need to come home the grass is high. It has rained everyday.



Lucy said...

I can tell you and Sherry are having a wonderful time. Go and cut Shirl's grass and then you can get on the road again. I bet Shirl and you and Sherry are good dancers. Of course my son says that is why he can't dance cause he can't hear the music, now that may be true but not when he first started saying that. Keep those pictures coming. Be safe. Guess what, I got rid of half the sausage in spaghetti tonight!!

Jean said...

like the pictures thanks for sharing them with us. My 36 year old son likes to hike and do canoe racing he was in the Texas Water Safari this weekend and was in the river I think he said 71 hours without sleep and rest, you can imagine mom didn't get any sleep and rest either. He has done this before but this was his first time solo. He was thinking he would be able to finish it in less hours and he ran out of food he went the last day with only water and he said he was getting weak and it was real hard to paddle out of the bay to the finish line. I hope he will give up this sport. Hope you and Sherry will make it to the finish line, take care, jean

jack69 said...

I got this address from Jean, great article about the Texas Safari Canoe race! Thanks Jean
This is about my son and the race. Take care Jean

jack69 said...

You will have to copy and past the address above I can't get it to make a thread to clidk

Paula said...

I want to know where that beauty shop is on the trail where Sherry goes to keep her hair so neat. Enjoyed the pictures.

Rose said...

Kudos! Hiking 10 miles! Wow, that is a lot. I'd be huffing and puffing! My kids had me hiking when I was in Boston over Mother's Day surelyy proved I was out of shape.

I see you both are enjoying your trip.

Be Well....Hugs,Rose

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack and Sherry! I'm so happy that you're on the trail! I love the names people give you, Legs!! Funny! I'm impressed by Yak's goal, he's hiking alone is he? Do many people travel alone? Lovely photos, keep up the great hiking, 10 miles? Fabulous! I'm enjoying Rocksylvania!!