Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is Marion's new house!
This is Marion!

This is Dal's 1938 John Deere

This is another of Dal's Deeres(?) This sucker is running like a clock, as we stand on it.

‘You have a Friend in Pennsylvania’, I am sure you have read that on a lot of Pennsylvania auto tags. I really loved to read that, because millions of folks do have a friend in PA. We have several good friends and other acquaintances in or from PA. WE stopped by the first couple on the list Dal & Marion. Now no one calls him Dallas, it is Robert. Anyway we were in the USMC together and were married about the same time. Both couples have all been married over 52 years now. This was sort of a treat, seeing them twice in one year. Marion does not get older, but Dal is looking OLD! (sorta like me).
We enjoyed seeing them and their new location. They have built back off the road and have a nice place. Dallas has a huge garage for some of his STUFF. The house is a little smaller than they had and Marion doesn’t have room for her STUFF so some of it is in DALLAS’s Garage building. My problem is I do not understand what is said and cannot keep up with a conversation. Everyone is patient, but it still keeps me on edge. I think I interrupt when someone is talking and I don’t know it. I believe we will suspend visits until I can get my hearing working better.
They have 12 acres now with trails cut thru the bushes and woods. Great walking area. WE walked a little of it and enjoyed the outside. They are wonderful folk.
Oh, BTW we did find the part for the hot water heater and it is installed. Looks like that was not too bad. Still haven’t fixed the awning, I guess we will hold off on that for awhile. (Just heard from Shirl, wondering where to send the check, to reapir the awning, She started a collection at Hardees with $2000, to help out! LOL)(It is geat to have a rich sister with rich friends)

We are going to just sit back and enjoy the outdoors here in Southern Pennsylvania. Do you like apples? They must grow enough apples to feed the world here in this county; we drove thru the apple country today. We forgot to take pictures, just enjoying the scenery.
Take care and thanks for coming by the log,
Nite Shipslog
When you get down think about this:

***** Someone that you don't even know exists loves you.

***** Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks.

***** Always tell someone how you feel about them; you will feel much better when they know and you'll both be happy.
***** If you have a great friend, take the time to let them know that they are great.

*_Lord, keep Your arm around my shoulder and Your hand over my mouth _*


Paula said...

That tractor is almost as old as me. Marion's house looks neat. My daughters like the book and I gave one to our church secretary for her grandkids today. She said isn't that a pretty cover? She said her grandkids will love reading it.

Lucy said...

I don't think that tractor even resembles our first one, used. Ours looked newer than that and it was old. Jack, my son that helped with the fan stopped back Sunday with his wife and they simply can not afford hearing aids of the caliber he needs and I noticed for the first time he would break in not realizing someone was talking.But as long as people know that your hearing problem is so bad, They won't care if you accidently interrupt. I have noticed with my 2 boys, Larry has hearing aids, Ron doesn't, I face them when I talk to them and I think they are pretty good at lip reading. You know what is best but you are such a personable man I am sure they would not like to be deprived of your visits. I also understand your concerns. Keep on sending those pictures. You and Sherry take care.

Jean said...

Hi Jack and Sherry I’m enjoying Pennsylvania just looking at the pictures. Looks like you guys are having a great time. Hubby and I both have a hearing problem and if I'm looking at the one who is talking (mouth) I can understand them better I know we can't always look them in the face, lol. Maybe some day I will try a hearing aid. Take care, jean

shirl72 said...

Remember Mother's hearing I know she could hear
a pin drop on the carpet. Thank goodness I still have mine.

Looks like you are having good visit with your

Our weather is not as hot. I am trying to hold
the Plantation together the best I can. I am still busy. Probably want get to the grass
until Sat. Something to do everyday. I guess that is good. Every thing pretty quiet.


Anonymous said...

I love the "deeres"! Apple country is so lovely! We have a lot of apple orchards in Quebec too. Enjoy the view!!!

Terri said...

They look like great folks! Love their new house...and having 12 acres to go with it would be great...

Enjoy spending time with your friends in PA..we have some family there...

It is 98 degrees today here in Kentucky with a heat index of 106...ughhh!