Monday, June 22, 2009

We lost the HARD DRIVE, how hard is that?

This is the best i can do, no pictures on this lap top.

Well, this is a bummer. But if you take chances, you sometimes lose. i have LOST a lot. I only lost one chapter of 'S'gar', the new novel due out Christmas time. But I lost a lot more. I lost all pictures taken in the last month or so, because i trusted this system to stay together. Rain mentioned a Flash drive. I have never used one. Evelyn uses one all the time and says it is no problem. I guess i will buy 'some' flash drives if i am going to back up everything on them. I has over ten thousand pictures on that drive. most are backed up on CD's. I had started a data base of book's shipped so i would have addresses in the event of re-orders. Yeah, i will start another.

I lost a lot of good e-mails i had saved from some of you guys. I have no idea how long it will take to rebuild what I had, but you must start somewhere. I have never been one to throw up my hands and say the heck with it. What is that old Indian proverb, 'The longest trip begins with one step.' Okay It is a Chinese proverb or maybe just an Oriental proverb.

Oh I now what I lost, all your good comments I like to use in the next book abou how great the novels were!!! No of course I don't care if I lost the nasty comments. hahahaha!

Funny thing. I put this zip code into Best Buy's web site and it said there was nt a best buy within 100 miles. I rechecked the zip, I was correct.

Now I check it land find there are over 50 within 100 miles. So we went to visit the Geeks today. Sorry sir, your hard drive is bad!!!

Dummy says "Can i get any data off of it?"

Geeker, "Let me see." He takes the CPU apart.,"The hard drive is not talking to the Mother board right now, but I am going to put this hard drive on another computer and see what happens." time passes, line gets longer.

"Sorry Sir, no data will be retrieved, it is dead. probably $220 to bring it back alive."

"Shoot is that all? I thought it woud be at least $235!" so it costs and i still lose. Shoulda backed up more stuff!!!!! Yeah I know now. Now are you through griping? Yeah. Nite!

Nite Shipslog


Life teaches, but some of us are slow learners.

Life teaches, but some of do not listen.

Then life teaches us we should have listened and learned!


Anonymous said...

Oh No! That sucks with a capital SUCKS. That happened to me a few years back and I've been obsessively backing up my photos since then! On a lighter note, I love those bathroom rules!

betty said...

that is bad about your computer crashing, Jack; sorry you lost all that info; I'm terrible about backing up......maybe I should start

thank God you're a 2-computer family so you're not completely offline while you regroup


Paula said...

Sorry for your problems.

shirl72 said...

You be overloaded. I'm suprise it didn't blow
up. Sometime it is fun to start all over,'
that is my words of wisdom. I know that makes
you feel better. Oh well such is life full
of unsolved problems.


Helen said...

Jack I have most of my things on an external hard drive. You can get them a lot cheaper than you used to. I really need to put some recent pictures on mine. I neglect to do it as often as I should. I also have a few of those flash drives. Glad that you liked our flowers in the front of our house. I of course took the picture. I have not been reading very much in blogs lately so have lost out on where you and Sherry are right now. I hope you are having a good time except for the computer crash. Helen