Saturday, March 28, 2015

A traveling day

(Pictures are random travel photos)

Today we head North. We like to follow Spring but this time we may pass her and get to South Carolina before lady Spring makes it.
FROM 6229 PHOTOS 336 (2)
(the Alamo)
But no matter, we have stayed here for four weeks. Longer than usual, in one spot.  But it was fun, and we knew some of the folks. Our Friends Don and Evelyn were here until a week ago, they are already back on their farm in NC.
Deer visit 010
 (Not often I have got to feed a deer (Texas))
Our stop in South Carolina will be in Yemassee. Oh man,  I just had a sad thought.  Shirl just asked me a few weeks ago did I think we would be close to Deany & Kens place in SC. She was hoping we could meet up for a couple hours. In that short timeframe, Deany has buried Ken.  Ken was a friend and he was also  a fan of my writing. He was a regular reader of the Shipslog, but never commented. He had read all my books and was reading Mary Ann.
 Roy BEAN AND TO EL PASO 037 (2)
So NOW, I am wishing fair winds and following seas to a friend and a veteran of WWII, A Soldier.
We blog, we talk, make might tell jokes and sometimes do a serious entry never knowing who will read it.  Many times I am surprised to hear someone say, “Hey I enjoy the Shipslog.”
(Sherry and the Pecos, when we paid Judge Roy Bean a visit)
I have some strong political views and I know others do also. I do not want to hurt anyone by being nasty politically. I am a middle of the road guy. I guess I learned that from my dad. As a pastor one of his first statements was, “Please do not ask me what my political beliefs are, I will tell you now once and for all, I am what ever you are!”
Hooverfdam VEGAS 032 (2)
(new bridge by passing Hoover Dam)
I won’t go quiet that far, but if you are opposite of me politically, I certainly do not want to hurt you. I like you. I appreciate anyone who takes time to read this stuff.
(A Texas Sunset)
So we are off, on the road, and doing one of my favorite things, keeping it between the ditches and watching this beautiful country pass by.
Nite Shipslog
I had a plan, drive 200 miles stop in a small town and enjoy it for a couple weeks then move on.  We have done that, and it was an amazing adventure.
I can’t get over it, some folk think the 1985’s are OLD!
1985-cadillac-001 1985-chevrolet-camaro-iroc-z-photo-166251-s-429x262 2005-2-9_1985ChryslerLimoWeb-Large
CAddy, Chevy and Chrysler. The Three C’s!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope you do find some Spring as you head north. Here we got a surprise and are now once again all snow covered here. Not the kind of surprise I like at all. They say it may be another week before we see normal temps which should be in the 50's. Today we'll be lucky to see 30. Sorry to hear you lost a good friend. Time certainly can change things in a flash. That sunset picture is just beautiful.

Rick Watson said...

I'm with you Jack. Jilda is the historian too. I always have to verify things with her when I wr my column to make sure there are no untimely events:)
Y'all travel safe.

Mevely317 said...

I'm really sorry to learn of Ken's passing, Jack.

Sure appreciate what you had to say about differing political views. Only in the last couple weeks did I discover that a blog pal is all 'hepped up' for an up-and-coming political figure
I loathe.

Oh well, better to take the high road and leave well enough alone. (Darn it.)

Paula said...

Sorry about your friend and wishing you and Sherry safe traveling.

betty said...

Sorry about your friend's passing, always sad to hear that news. Glad you guys will be on the road again! Safe travels. I like what that pastor said about what his politic beliefs are; wise man!


shirl72 said...

Glad you are on your way home.
I will get the Town ready for your
return..Maybe I can get the band
together for the parade down
Park Rd. I think one more cold
night and Sunday warmer..WELCOME

Unknown said...

I know what you mean about the cars. Once Caleb said, "There goes and old car." I was expecting something like a '57 Chevy, but it was more like a late 70's car.


So sad to hear your friend has passed. I hope he got to finish your book before he did. Safe travels.

Rose said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend.

Hugs, Rose