Monday, March 16, 2015

Do you forget your password?

With the advent of ATM and debit cards, Facebook and bloggersvilles, Forums and remote banking we have become very familiar with  the term ‘Password.’


If you are not an exception you have forgotten at least one of your many passwords. The search becomes frantic at times, when the site continually says User name and Password do not match.  The smile finally comes when the site says WELCOME BACK JACK!

As I thought about passwords today (because I forgot one)   I thought how many times in life I have forgotten my ‘Password’ to happiness.  Construing that to mean anything that locks me out of my pleasant time of relaxing and smelling the roses.


The times that stress or the weight of the world seems to be on your shoulder and you want to sing, “Make the world go away, take it off my shoulder’. (stealing from an old CW song.) Okay, What finally did it for you?  What was the password?

I know what Pauline’s password is, IT IS “A ride on a country road.”


Some folk’s password is a guitar or piano.  I have took note of Rick’s up in Alabam, his is stopping by a scenic lake or sitting on the back porch of an old house.

For Sherry and I it has varied over the years. The BEST Password was just a long walk, conversation and putting things in perspective.

hiking various 016 hiking various 017 hiking various 021

Driving in the mountains. Backpacking, a beautiful remote waterfall or a simple campfire.


One password was a complete surprise. I wandered into a library years ago and picked up a set of headphones wired to the old reel to reel tape players, sat and listened to Mozart. WOW I was blown away, I am a country western guy. I sat and enjoyed an introduction to a new ‘password’ I have used many times  on cruises away from my family.


When things get really tough, I bring out the password, Sherry!

Have you ever  forgotten your password to peace and happiness?

Nite Shipslog


I will continue along these lines tomorrow. I have read a couple great books I want to talk about.


by farendale cowboyffffff cowboyhhhhhh

I have pickups on my mind. Pauline has given me permission to use a couple of her poems ‘bout Cowboys and Cowgirls in my next book. Any reference to Cowboys references the Pickup and horse.  I am a happy writer.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks for the reminder not to forget our password to peace. I have done that many times, but thankfully do eventually remember just what is important in our lives. A mental trip to the beach can relax me. An hour in church can refresh me. My family motivates me to do more. But more than anything my faith in God shelters me from the storms of life. We have very little snow left here and it's to be in the 60's today. Maybe this will be the day it will finally all melt away !

betty said...

This was a good one, Jack. It is often easy to forget one's password for peace and happiness, especially if one doesn't use it a lot! Good reminder for us to take the time to enjoy the life we are given and to find that password of peace and happiness often!



Having a password for life. I like that. Probably sitting on the beach somewhere watching the sunset would be mine.

Paula said...

A very nice entry. I really found my password this morning at the ranch. Three new calves, lots of green clover, blooming weeds. Looking forward to your new book.

Lisa said...

My password to life is written in the sand by the shore. I wish I could just hit enter and be there.
Love the picture of you two by the camp fire. Perfect.

Mevely317 said...

Here, I thought you were going to tease us with password hacks, etc. ... love the twist and moral!

I sure could'a used a password this afternoon! 'Nearly 2 hours in an overcrowded, airless DMV office where smiles were conspicuously absent.

If wishes were horses? I'd most prefer to be on the porch of a log cabin, somewhere in the Rockies.

Rick Watson said...

Dang Jack,that is a killer idea. Passwords.....I wish I'd thought of that.