Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Remembering the past, Passwords to peace


Continuing the idea of not allowing the world to crush you with problems. What did you do to alleviate the problems, stress and strain you encountered. What was your password to get into the area that you could stop and smell the roses? 


I was thinking of the times I forgot how to get there and suffered too long before I remembered at least one.

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I was never a reader,  except technical Manuals and books having to do with my profession. Then one long, lonely trip, alone in the motor home I stopped by a bookstore and picked up a BIG THICK book. It was ‘Executive Orders’ by Tom Clancy.  I said to myself, this should take me a couple months. I was shocked that in five days I had devoured this book. I had found a ‘Password’ that opened into an unknown area to me, it took me away from the stress around me.

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A few years ago a Bible teacher made a statement that stuck to my brain, “Always keep in mind in this life, ‘THINGS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE’.” She was a young lady, and she passed away not more than a year after I heard that statement.

smell-the-roses - Copy

After Clancy, I started reading and in a few years had read so many books I was saying, I have read this before. I had to start a list. I have now read a couple thousand books. This week I read two books. One by one of my favorite authors, Jack Higgins, East of Desolation. A great spoof of pilots in Iceland and Greenland; as always I wanted to finish, and hated it when I did, it was over. It had a great ending, but I wanted more.

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I had downloaded an e-book by a friend. I am not partial to reading on the Kindle. I like printed pages so I can flip back. BUT, BUT once I got involved in this sucker, I was hooked. The book is titled, ‘Life Changes, Just Breathe’ by none other than Rick Watson over at ‘life 101’.

I know there are so many similarities in southern boys lives that you feel akin. But his writing had me thinking he could have been a youthful running mate. The stories were ‘real’, I lay on a hill with him and watched clouds form over head. I fished in the creek with him.

I once dreamed of building and living in an ‘A’ frame. I never did, but he does. I am two or three days older than he is (well + a few years). It is definitely not       Stop-and-Smell-the-Roses - Copy  just a men/boy’s book. Thing is, I associated with so much in the stories. There were differences of course in our lives, but the stories hit home.

All in all the book was the only book of short stories I have ever really enjoyed. Written in an educated, down home style. I enjoyed the book, his life, dogs, chickens and his truck. I had to give it a ***** star rating.

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If you need a password to help you find a place to relax, and smell some roses,  I suggest this book. Great read.

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I waited so long to enjoy reading, but I am glad I learned to appreciate it.



Some folk want a Rolls. When I get old and retire Imma find one of these under a Christmas tree, maybe cut by Rick’s dull axe!


Mevely317 said...

What a great testimony, Jack. In fact, I've been toying with the idea of ordering Rick's book - and another for my DIL.

Your Bible teacher's prophesy is so true, but gave me chills all the same. I wonder why is it we're so loathe to change?

Wishin' you and Sherry a splendid day!


Reading is indeed a gateway to unknown adventures. I'm glad you have found such joy in it. HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY. Enjoy.

Jean said...

Beautiful day up here I need to get outside. Grover use to read nothing but western books. I can't get him to do that now. He really needs to do something besides watch TV. My reading a book is when the mood hits me. When I do have the mood it's hard for me to stop. HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY.

Paula said...

I think I've said this before---the more I like a book the slower I read because I want it to keep going. Right now I'm going to read "Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale". Isn't that a strange title? My daughter Lynda told me she thought I would like it. She belongs to a book club.

betty said...

It is always good to have a good book to read that you are upset about it when it is over, wanting it to continue on! That is a mark of a good author I think! So true to find our peace password with a simple thing like a good book, a walk with a loved one, smelling whatever roses or other smells along the way!


shirl72 said...

I like to read Biography's. I
have to discipline myself to sit and
read. When I sit down I think of
something that need to be done.
I have seen you list of books you
and Sherry have read...I guess I
am guilty forgetting the password.

Anonymous said...

Re that MG you want ... Here's something that might tickle your fancy!

Rick Watson said...

Thank you Jack. That's the best review I've ever had.
I really appreciate you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good books are wonderful and have taken me to places I'd never dream of going to. When one makes a difference in your life and inspires you, that is worth telling about. Now I'll be checking out Rick Watson too. I do read a lot and wouldn't be the same person I am with out doing so. Books are a password to peace.