Friday, March 27, 2015

The mystery of time

I received an e-mail from an old friend. My leading chief in the USN. That reminded me of a time we visited them. Before wide use of cell phones. We were in Lancaster, PA. WE dropped in. They were going to a T-ball game where their grand son was playing, and invited us.  I took some pictures, one of the kid when he started for first base. I see it often as it pops up here on the screen.

I thought it was time to thank Dan for all  the times we visited and they entertained us. They have taken us the Harley Davidson Factory. A tour thru Amish country.There was one very good tour and dinner at an old mill on the Susquehanna River. They took us to President Buchanan’s house for a tour, and the T-ball game (and more).

VA to PA 2114 026 (2)

When I mentioned the T-Ball game, Dan e-mailed back and said, That kid was Zach. He graduated from Penn State and is doing Grad studies at the University of Maryland.

WHAT? Impossible he is a little kid!

I sat, looked over at Sherry and told her what I had just learned, she thought for a minute (She is the family  date/time keeper, she amazes me) Sure, that was about 1993 or so. The year we took our first trip to Cape Cod.

scan1993-94 008 

I MIGHT could have guessed within 5 years  plus or minus of the trip to Cape Cod.  I remember the great trip of course, even the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. Then on to Boston via the Mayflower replica. But the year?  I am lost. GRADUATE STUDIES, the little kid?

scan1993-94 010

I have noticed over the years my mind remembers folks the way I last saw them, one year or 50. Take this guy:

                         scanoldpic7 011 - Copy

We were teen agers together. I liked him even thought my girlfriend dropped me for him. I joined the USMC, he moved to Miss, and lived in Cajun Country, then I heard he had Joined the USAF. I heard he married a sweet girl over in England but our paths never crossed again. WE received news about him at times but did not see him until a few years ago, I found him hiding from me in New Mexico. I still expected to see the guy above. He had been replaced by this guy:


It had been only sixty years since I saw him.

Imma tell you, Time smacks a lot of  people, I am glad I have never changed!AAA

WE communicate now. WE hope to see him and his YOUNG PRETTY again wife soon, he says they are headed for Florida via Cajun Country.

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I am thinking of the song a lot lately that says:

“Ain’t it funny how time slips away.”


These cars were built the last Year I saw Buddy

1956 olds 1956 Plymouth Fury 1956pontiac-1C 1956Packard400-a


Rose said...

Ah, Cape Cod.......beautiful spot in Massachusetts. My neck of the woods. Of course, I'm from the Boston area but I went to the Cape often.

Lovely story.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful old cars!

betty said...

It is true how time slips away. We don't realize we or anyone else is getting older, but when we start hearing about kids we know that are graduating from college, etc., then we realize, yep we are getting old :)



Time flies no doubt about it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Ha Ha He He ! You did give me a chuckle with this post. I'd recognize you anywhere, but some of those old pictures not so much. Time does fly. I can't believe I've been retired now 5 years in April. One of my grandsons was born that year and he is now 5 so it must be so.

shirl72 said...

The song should be "Ain't it sad how time slips away". I am there and
can't believe where the years have
gone...Thankful we had a good life.
Like the cars good year..

I would not have recognize Buddy.
I'n sure it will be fun when you
see each other.

Mevely317 said...

Ah, sorry to be so tardy!
You've shared lots of GOOD stuff before, but this. THIS struck me smack between the eyes ... and when the little record player in my head began playing, "...How Time Slips Away" I went and got all misty. And it's barely 7AM!

I'm not particularly close to my remaining relatives. I mean, we're on FB, but that's it. Anyway, seeing THEIR babies (who I recall as toddlers on Christmas cards) having babies of their own stops me in my tracks. Then, there's a little black-haired, black-eyed boy in first grade who I never forgot. He's gone and grown up. We recently discovered one another on FB, and I was dumbstruck how OLD Craig had become. LOL!