Sunday, March 15, 2015

I wish I knew why

I can’t explain it. Men do not understand it, women but women are particular about their picture. At times I am taking a picture of something and a lady I know is in the picture  they say wait, don’t get me, my hair is a mess.

Ladies must love Florida license bureau. They took my picture and asked, “Is this okay?”
454578D784D8376BE11AE7EF57A398_h316What he saw
“Yes, that is me.”
james_dean_indiana_licenseWhat I saw
“If the picture doesn’t suit you we will try again.”

“What? It isn’t going into a resume, sure it is okay, print it.”
Ladies surely take at least two.  I say that and I am not sure if my girl requested a retake or not, BUT I DO KNOW SHE CARES,  JUST LIKE MYRA OUT IN THE HOT STATE. Sherry CARES what her driver's license photo looks like.  I guess I am too used to Military ID’s (or mug shots),
It makes a difference, I don’t know why, BUT IT DOES!

As a rule, our car seldom drops below 1/2 tank, before I filled it up. I was taught by my dad years ago (when many gas stations closed at 5 or 6pm. You need gas in you car at all times.  If there is an emergency at midnight and you have to go a hundred miles be ready, keep plenty of gas in the tank.

Now my girl is not worried about that because she knows you can’t go 20 miles without seeing a 24/7 station now.
Lately I noticed the gauge near empty, I NEVER do this. I look over at my girl, Out comes the calculator, what is the mileage? In a few seconds. She says calmly, No problem you can go 38 more miles.  I don’t care, I shouldn’t do that, my mind don’t like to see a gauge close to E, gauges can be wrong!

Of course she is right, we reach a gas station easily and fill up.

(Mirrors lie to girls, but never to us boys!)

I DON’T KNOW WHY, boys and girls are different   ………………  BUT THERE ARE MANY TIMES I AM GLAD WE ARE!
Nite Shipslog
Okay, I am glad we are made different, even at 76!
But don’t wait for the perfect guy!difference-between-women-and-men-2
1989_chevrolet_caprice_4dr_car_4470055421803642142 1989-dodge-colt-turbo-mitsubishi-mirage-turbo-photo-166441-s-429x262 ford_taurus_sho_2
1989 cars Chevy, Dodge and Ford


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's a rare day when my drivers license picture turns out good. I rarely like any pictures I see of myself no matter when they are taken, but have decided they must look like me cause they all look about the same. Ha! I never let the tank go below 1/2 either if I can help it. I've never ran out of gas, but have come close. It's not a good feeling. Any picture I've ever seen of the two of you always looks good. You all are one beautiful couple. Blue skies and sunshine in Ohio today. Hope you have some too!

betty said...

I'm not one that likes my picture taken,I always like to be on the other side of the camera taking the pictures. It seems like some people can take really good pictures for their driver's license, I have never had that luck, LOL :) So true how the mirror is different for guys and girls :)

Hubby is like you, he likes to have 1/2 tank or more of gas. Son is the "E" kind of guy, he's always hovering around empty.Did run out of gas one time because he was stuck in traffic (was on his way to the gas station, LOL). Did he learn his lesson? Nope, still likes to cruise on empty.


Mevely317 said...

Ditto over here in the HOT state!
I've always hated having my picture taken ... but to be honest, it sort of stings when no-one offers. 'Suppose I've (inadvertently) trained friends and family not to ask.

That's pretty neat about the Florida DMV offering to re-take Sherry's picture! Crossing fingers I've the same luck on Tuesday!

I'd probably be more receptive to filling up my car at the half-way mark if I didn't have to do it myself! Silly, but I can think of a dozen more 'ikky' jobs I'd rather do than pump gas. Silly, huh?

Lisa said...

Maybe we think a good picture will get us out of a speeding ticket. Ha!

shirl72 said...

I have never ask if they will take
your picture again need to find out.
My car is full of gas all the time. When it gets to half full I will fill up..It is dangerous in today's world to run out of gas and be stuck on the side of a road plus the amount they charge to come out.
Better safe than sorry.

Paula said...

It's stressful to me to be below half tank. John makes fun of me for that. I know some people who always take good pictures but I never do. Sherry's pictures and yours too are always good or do you two pick the best ones? lol


I hear you. I always have a full tank of gas too, in case of emergencies. You never know when you might have to head down the road.

Jimmy's Journal said...

My lady friends have given me instructions not to print or save any picture that doesn't suit them. The make me erase any that do not meet their approval.

On the other hand, I'm not as picky but I appreciate the ladies deleting pictures of me with something in my teeth or on my shirt....


Unknown said...

I had one friend who took a picture of my while my brow was furrowed. Why didn't she wait two seconds till I smiled? Why didn't she warn me she was getting ready to snap the shutter? I had another friend who didn't even let me get my shirt adjusted. She just snapped while I had both hands on my shirttail adjusting my shirt and running my mouth. I can't believe they did that. Just give me 2 seconds to pose! I look much better when I'm smiling!

Rick Watson said...

Jack,we have another similarity in our lives.i start getting antsy when my tank falls below1/2.

Back when I commuted to Birmingham daily,I stopped evey third day and filled up. Now that I drive about 25 miles a week, I've let the E slip up onme a few times.

Also, it looks like you're fond of cars too. My column for next Sunday is about Wheels.