Monday, September 21, 2020

The mask, ME TOO! ;=)

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For today:

 I have been thinking that the average mask worn by us Covid-19 prisoners is nothing more than a feel good effort.  Even I know that the paint mask filters out more than a cotton mask.


I was glad to see that our friend Lisa over in G-town who can crochet a wedding suit for a red bird or a tux for Godzilla, knows that the ‘mask’ she can crochet is a ‘mask cover’, i.e.  Decoration or uniqueness to be worn over a REAL mask.


Most face covers today are NOT woven tight enough, nor do they fit tight enough to filter out MOST germs, especially the VIRUS the world is so worried about. I smile when I see folks wearing the mask covering only their mouth and breathing thru their nose.


I wore my paint masks until I ran out of them. Then I tried wearing some Woody & Anna Mae were kind enough to send, but I cannot tie things behind my head well, so I had to give those up.  I do want my binding lines to be behind my head because my ears are already busy holding my hearing devices.  Then I bought the recommended ones. Lately I bought a pack of black wranglers abd painted a smile on one.  Oh yeah, Lisa sent us what she called ‘mask tie extenders’ that hook into the loops on masks and goes behind your head.  


As I stated, we do wear masks. But there are things you just cannot do wearing a mask:

You cannot eat a Klondike Bar.


Blow your nose.

Lick your finger to open a plastic bag in the produce section. (I guess that is good).

Smell a rose.

Check to see if your tongue is purple.

Smoke a cigarette.

Sing worth a hoot.

Steal a KISS!

Stick out your tongue at someone.

Put on lipstick (Honest, I haven’t tried that one!)

Get a drink of water.


BUT I do wear the mask because our leaders feel it is best for the country, so I comply. I know you haven’t made trips back to your car when headed for the grocery store, because you forgot yours, as I have a hundred times. LOL


I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but some things we do today doesn’t follow common LOGIC.

What else can't you do while wearing a mask?

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 I know this virus is REAL and people die from it, I am not belittling that. I just think smarter people than I could come up with more logical procedures to fight something like this.

PS 2: I get pretty sick when our political leaders ON BOTH SIDES of the aisle make a football of the nation’s welfare (Or so it appears to me)!!!!!!!


Chatty Crone said...

You know when I have my mask on - my hearing goes! lol

Jack if two people have a mask on - I don't think it is like a medical doctors in an operating room - but I do feel it offers a 'little' protection.

betty said...

I don't think the mask offers much for protection from getting the virus. You are right Jack, a lot of people don't wear the mask right.

Had to laugh at the wee one yesterday. He had his backpack and he was putting his toys away that he had brought over. He showed me where his mask was. I asked him "why do we have to wear a mask?" He said some words that didn't make sense then says "just wear the mask". He's a wise one lol. Can't explain why to wear it but tells me to wear one.

I will have a big problem if any elected official makes wearing masks outside mandated even if there is no one around. That continues to irk me with how many people I see wearing a mask all alone while walking outside.


Susie said...

We have been wearing masks before the virus came . I wore them to not take any germs home to Ted while his counts were low from chemo. So it's nothing new to us. We wear the masks we bought at CVS. We did buy some cloth ones made by Haines know the underwear people. Probably switched to masks...maybe people were changing their masks more than their underwear. LOL. Who knows. When you get in your car, put one in your pocket. Yes, I would go back to the car for a mask if I forgot. Oh I am with you when people do not know how to wear's not rocket science. LOL. Blessings, please stay safe there for you and your sweetie. xoxo, Susie

yaya said...

I wore a mask daily in the operating room for 49 years. So wearing one now doesn't bother me but I don't wear the cloth ones. They just don't fit right and I like the paper ones. I tell folks if masks aren't necessary we can do their surgery without one and see how it goes. I smiled at your list of things you can't do with one on because I have seen folks poke a hole in them to fit a cigarette, and I have stuck my tongue out many times while wearing one and the beauty of it is the person you're sticking your tongue out at can't see it. I think all smokers shouldn't bother with the mask since the cigarettes will kill them anyway and they must not care about that so what's a little old virus going to do? Don't even get me started about the idiots that take the mask down and sneeze or cough and then put them back up. I hope this post doesn't sound to snarky..I don't mean to discount the discomfort of the mask, especially when you have hearing aides and even my glasses get caught in the ear loops. I just think we have to do something to get these numbers down and frankly I'm not too hopeful for a vaccine and probably will not get it until it's tested for a while. So stay safe Jack and Sherry!

Lisa said...

I have a couple of the hand made cloth mask with cute prints on them. I also have some filtered mask and lately I bought a gaiter mask. Those are the kind that you wear around your neck and pull up over your nose before you go rob a bank. Haha.
But I do not think the mask should be stressed as much as washing hands. People wear a mask but then handle everything in the stores so that just don’t make since to me. I have always been a little of a germaphobe about touching things others touch. Never worried if mask should be in place.

Stay safe

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes it's important that people wear them correctly and cover up their noses. I've seen a lot of that one. It's also important to wash them after using. One of my teacher friends said kids were leaving them in backpacks and they were getting moldy. Yusk! Wash them every time they are used. I did buy a box of disposable ones to keep in the car in case I forgot and left mine at home. Better safe than sorry.

Mevely317 said...

Great post, Jack! I love my cloth 'gaitor' masks, but do make it a point to put on the double-laced one (w/ filter) if I'm going to Wal-Mart. Nope, I sure don't understand these folks with their noses hanging out; even one, a doctor! Everything's so confusing! Last week Tom and I came upon a car wreck: I counted 4 police officers and several paramedics tending to someone on a stretcher - and only one was wearing a mask! Lisa's mask covers sounds like a brilliant idea. Since this "C" threat doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, why not make mask-wearing fun?

Dar said...

We do wear the masks wherever we have to be amongst people. I do think they are important enough and we do take extras everywhere. We also have sanitizer in our truck plus I carry some in my purse. Ya never know. I also agree that they should be washed after using them. Better safe, than sorry. My son's family just went thru weeks of quarantine and having the covid. They are all fine and say it was like a glorified flu without the nausea. They did have horrid headaches and joint pain. I'm so grateful they are alright. Biggest gripe with the masks are those that don't wear them properly. We pray this is over soon.
loven'hugs from up north where the sun is shining bright and the canners will soon be put away. Yeah!!!!