Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Trail Angels, ‘groups’ (communities) we did not know existed!


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Like you,  we have learned some neat things over our life span. In every walk of life it seems there are ‘unheralded groups’. The little league parents, team moms. We met a lifelong friend who has a grandson Luke, while we have a grandson who was ‘THE' Luke. We bantered back and forth, it is still a wonderful relationship.

Our boys were into ‘Motocross’, that is a society of its own. There are groups of RV’ers with each RV name. Someone organizes ‘Overland Owners’, Winnebago Owners, etc. They meet and enjoy the company of likeminded folk. We are a part of a small group of RV'ers, even our old RV pastor. We seem to meet for dinner once a year.

When Sherry suggested we hike the Appalachian Trail, we had no idea the camaraderie the hikers enjoy. There are AT Hikers who retire close to the trail simply to become ‘Trail Angels’. Remembering the importance of clean water, some place jugs of fresh water at crossings. Some walk a couple miles into the wild and lace a cool spring with Cokes, Sprite. Some hang bags of fruit from tree limbs, etc.

Sherry and I once set up a sandwich stop ourselves to give sandwiches to hikers.  It is such a pleasure to meet the wide spread of interests of individuals who decide to backpack.

Hikers cover the entire spectrum: home-schoolers, doctors, lawyers, Teenagers, Old folks, Policemen and pilots. But the unheralded group is the 'Trail Angel.' Some simply offer rides into town or back to a trail head.

I am positive you have met or are a member of a unique group of people. Shucks, Sherry’s classmates, ‘old small town friends’ look forward to coffee every Monday morning at Hardees. To spin tales or reminisce.

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Lisa said...

"Trail Angels"- Yes I can see you and Sherry being one of those.
I told Nick the other day how I'd love to try a hiking trip with the whole backpacking and sleeping in the woods and using baby wipes for quick wash ups... Just like "The Book" haha. He said it sounds nice but probably will never happen. Bummer.

From over here

betty said...

I think being a Trail Angel would be a good thing to do plus fun to talk with those hiking the trail. So many stories I imagine one would hear. I do agree, we all seem to be part of some group or another no matter what the name might be for it. It is good for our souls to do so I do believe.


Glenda said...

Your "sandwich stop" on the AT sounds like it was a welcome center to the hikers who probably were carrying trail mix or protein bars. What a great way to meet people and exchange stories!

Mevely317 said...

Something I've never considered, Jack! Tom's his life-long hobby is building and flying RC (WWII) aircraft. He was so concerned when we moved to Alabama there might not be a club! I don't know WHAT I am.

The Trail Angel concept is so cool. I never tire of your stories from the AT!

yaya said...

I love the idea of the Trail Angels...I would enjoy doing something like that. I figure my work is my "group" right now although we have a group of couples that meet for dinner every 3 months and just talk and laugh and enjoy the evening together. We call ourselves "The Legends"...because we've been a member of our church for over 40yrs together. I wanted to say that I read your previous posts and really enjoyed your Father's Day one about your Daddy...loved it. He sounds like he was a wonderful man and yes, 69 is young.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like those Trail Angesls, groups of all kinds are needed. We could never make in this world, at least not as well, without groups of people for support. The old saying, It takes a village comes to mind.