Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Surgeon and the Plumber

Early interesting Cars:

 I believe this is a 33 Stude

But for today:
You may remember when the government decided to save water and demanded a commode to flush with about a gallon and a half of water. Commodes were using 2-3 gallons a flush.

The transition was at times disastrous, both for the consumer and the plumber. Some people refused to pay the plumber and demanded the new commode be removed and the old one returned, most of the time impossible besides being illegal.

Traveling I have actually read signs above the commodes that read:
OUR GOVERNMENT’S COMMODE TO SAVE WATER. For it to work please flush 2 or 3 times, remember we are saving water!!!!!!!!  Signed the management.

I had the same problems as a builder. But they finally got the commodes to flush well at 1.6 gals.

Yesterday I replaced this commode, you might can see the long crack around the top, it has been there for years and never leaked.

Removed commode and Cleaned floor added wax ring, I wonder if it is still bee’s wax?

My girl ‘demands’ these bolt covers and hates the ones that will not stay snapped.

To check for leaks I use toilet paper under the fittings. 
 (I despise toilet paper that doesn’t tear straight. LOL)

Job finished, cleaned up, tools and waste put away.

 I thought I would be honest, I used some original parts and did not read to instructions. This is what is left. LOL

 My Emergency room:
In our transition back into this house I found this 
dismembered child, she needed surgery badly. 

Being only a plumber, electrician and carpenter I had never studied surgery, but it didn’t seem like such a hard job. After much study I figured she was originally held together with rubber bands. I used one for the arms and one for the legs attached to the head.
It took a couple tries making hooks to work. But now she graces our chest of drawers.
Sherry had to dress her, I will never understand ladies clothing. ...... On the other hand...... undressing...LOL I forgot, me 'n Tom are getting older!  ;-(

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jack69 said...

Okay, imma quit picking on Tom! :-)

betty said...

You did a great job with both projects. You could start a 5th career with either one of them lol. Too funny about the toilets to save water but flush 2 or 3 times. We are traveling and stopped in at a rest stop. The faucet had a sign self closing faucet don't try to turn it off. It ran so long after I washed my hands that it was definitely a waste of water.


Mevely317 said...

I didn't realize it was illegal to substitute the old commodes. (Begs the question, who's going to police that law?) I didn't mind that water-saving device as much as I did the regulator on shower heads. Grrr.
That's a great hack, using the toilet paper to check for leaks! Like Sherry, I prefer the bolts covered … then we adopted the pups-from-H***. Not only the little rubber ends from door stoppers, they liked to steal the covers and chew. I was constantly in fear one or both would choke.

PS - I LIKE your shower curtain!

Lisa said...

I'm over here thinking Surgeon and Plumber should never be used in the same story. haha.
You did a good job putting all the pieces back together.

From the desk

NanaDiana said...

Well, I have a potty mouth in the family but there is no replacing him and he can drink about a gallon of apple juice in one go. lol

Good job on the replacement. I don't think they use bee's wax anymore because I mentioned that to someone and they said it was NEVER bee's wax...but I do believe it was at one time.

Shirley Temple looks adorable. Tell Sherry that she did a great job on dressing her.

yaya said...

Nice job on that toilet! Looks good and I'm assuming works good too. When we bought our house we replaced all the old toilets with ones that were higher in anticipation that one day we'd be older and need them higher. We were right. Your flushing instructions reminded me of a sign my Grandma had in her bathroom...and I quote: IF YOU PEE, LET IT BE...IF YOU POO, FLUSH IN THROUGH. Yes, she was a wise one.

yaya said...

Wait, I also need to compliment you on your surgery skills! Since that's what I do everyday on real "dolls"...good job! If you ever need or want to repair real folks just go to you tube. You can find out how to do anything on you tube.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are difinitely a man of many talents! Congrats on jobs well done!

Dar said...

My guy has replaced a commode or two, most recently was a couple years ago when we tiled our bathroom floor. He over-tightened and the first use, he cracked a floor tile.........still cracked but no leaks. He used the same fanny paper test you did. As for the doll, Well Done. Getting the bands hooked right is quite a feat. She's lovely as your Sherry but looks like your sister. Quite fitting for Shirl to have a Shirley Temple doll. Sweet.
love n' hugs from up north where we're in for a week of beautiful weather as the gardens are showing promise of a great harvest with tiny seedlings popping their noses through the fertile ground.


great job on both chores.