Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Signs and Trials of the Road

Those cars of my youth (50’s)
 The '53 MG
Now today:
We have been hearing from Jack Jr. as he travels across country to see his son Ben and his granddaughter Elsie Mae in Utah.
He was so shocked at the devastation of the floods in Iowa/Nebraska. Talking of lakes where fields had been etc.  Seeing it firsthand has pointed out much more pointedly the reality of what nature can do. He lived thru Hugo in a trailer and knew the effects of a hurricane, but the floods are so long lasting in effects and cover so much area.
But there was lighter moments, He sent this e-mail:
“Hey dad, they named a road after us out here in Wyoming!”

We take life as it comes. Everyone has their own unique problems.  Humans bounce back.  It is our nature.
In every trip there is a chance to smile. In South Carolina I always smile at the sign “Coosewhatchee Creek” and the signs announcing “Truth or Consequences” in New Mexico.
Jack is planning a trip to the Grand Canyon with the kids and I hope they have a great time.

Are there signs and places that make you smile?

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betty said...

That will be fun for Jack and the family to see Grand Canyon. I hope the weather is nice for them. It is hard to see the destruction of natural disasters like floods or wildfires in person; I think it makes it more real than just seeing pictures of it. It is hard to imagine people are trying to live in conditions like the flooding, etc. There is a Happy Jack town here in Arizona :)


Chatty Crone said...

Happy Jack Town this way! LOVE IT! Hope he does have a wonderful time with his family. The devastation of natural disasters is awful. :(

Glenda said...

Hello Happy Jack and sweet Sherry! My favorite is Wimauma, Florida.
The first time I ever passed through was on a trip to Cypress Springs with Aunt Nee. For years I'd heard it mentioned as the Church of God grounds for camp meeting but...never would have thought it was spelled that way. These Seminole names, ie Okeechobee make me smile!!! Wish Jack, Jr. a wonderful trip with y'alls grands and greats.

Susan Kane said...

The only really weird name I know is Zzyzx, CA, near border of Nevada. It is in Wikipedia, with its strange history.

Mevely317 said...

Yes! Witnessing the aftermath of natural disasters with ones own eyes is nothing like what journalists show. The only thing that comes to mind is being in Enterprise, AL a day after that tornado wiped out so many homes and with it, the lives of teenagers seeking shelter in their high school hallway.

The first silly name that comes to mind is Stink Creek, Texas … just a few miles up the road from Abilene.

yaya said...

I thought that sign was named after my "Jacks"...ha! I think we can all share them! I hope your son has a great trip. The sign that make me smile? The one that says "Whispering Pines" in my driveway! OH, and Dairy Queen sign can make me smile too!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How great your son is keeping you posted as he travels. Seeing things up close and personal to tend to shed a new light on things. Glad there are some smiles along the way and not everything is bad. Hope he does have a wonderful time with his family. When those we love are far away, we have to make the most of the time we do get to spend with them.