Saturday, June 1, 2019

What? Flashbulbs!

Early interesting Cars:
Some people have some extra money to spend for fun!

But for today:
When we lived here over 20 years ago we had what we called the ‘Hall of fame’. Our hall was lined with family pictures. Today’s mission was to find these ‘misplaced’ pictures along with other things we have scattered at our different hiding places. A treasure trove was found in the studio apt. we built for Luke to live during college (he has stuck around a few years after he graduated, LOL)
 and this, she was young then! ...
 More family, awards and a car tag from GTMO...
 Sherry's Grandma, that started the search, But Reece & Matt brought back memories.. Sherry's grandma one tough lady raised 8 kids alone after her husband deserted her.

Remember this (In my brief case) Yeah I voted for Ross!

Wow this sure goes way back, faded, but such a good copy, sent to me from prison by a Nephew, misguided but talented.

 Ran across two antiques, build by little ‘Jackie Darnell’ in 1952. I might just restore them. LOL

First is an end table my mama used until her death.

 another end table my sister Kat used for years.

Then the mugs, Hey the newspapers they are wrapped in are interesting 20-25 yrs old.
 (Note: I just glanced at our grocery list for next trip to the store the only items there are..Dark Chocolate and chocolate syrup! LOL)

WOW a treasure of 8 track and cassettes. Some brand new, never used, need one?


A surprise further back in time, Yes the flash bulbs And a couple ‘flash cubes, remember them?

Should I have these film developed?  Do they still do that? It is labeled ‘Jack’s film’. 
If I remember right they are 35mm. I had a very good Nikon 35 at one time.

We bought this hand carved mahogany chest in Haiti for $20. for years a great place to store stuff. Thinking of getting rid of it. gotta check with the boys first.

Last: Sherry's mom's Lane Cedar Chest, inside was the purse she was carrying when she died.

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Lisa said...

Interesting stuff here. My grandmother had the same end tables as the 2nd one you show. I voted for Ross too.
I don't think flash bulbs were around in my time but I do remember flash cubes.

Love from over here

Mevely317 said...

Loving those 'old' photographs! And really, they don't seem all that old, do they? We never one, but I always liked those end tables like the one you made Kat. Wasn't that widely used to hold the house phone? Ya, I sure recall those flash bulbs. Back in '63 I used them to take a picture of the TV screen when the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. It might be great fun to have that 35mm. film developed … you might be surprised what memories are just waiting to be discovered?

Chatty Crone said...

What fun it was to see all that old stuff - did you have fun going through your memories? I would try to get the film developed!

yaya said...

The walks down memory lane are interesting and then you really have to decide what to do with it all! I have tubs of old photos and photo albums..I did those on the crazy idea I would get them all organized! Get that film developed! I bet there are some great shots on that film! Let us know!

Dar said...

I agree. Develop the film. There might be a picture of you and Sherry smooching. Sherry sure loves her chocolate. All that's on my grocery list is fresh fruit and veggies. By July's end, I won't have to buy the veggies at least. I loved going down memory lane with you. There's an end table like Shirl's in the loft of the cabin that still get used. Cool stuff. Go get that film developed. Anxious to hear all about it.
love n' hugs from up north where the breeze had a bite to it today but I got the rest of the garden in, my flowers, while my guy ran the weed whacker and the mini tiller. Now for a nap!

betty said...

Wow all great finds! I bet you spent a lot of time remembering things as you looked through these things!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you so much for visiting my Blog. Wishing you happiness and joy always.

God bless you and yours.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love your idea of the Hall of Fame. And what wonderful treasures you have found. Nice you had a good place to store it all. Looks like you have some busy days ahead of you now with getting this pictures on the wall and perhaps restoring some furniture too. Hope you have a great new week ahead! Happy Monday!