Thursday, June 13, 2019

Oil change….

Early interesting Cars:
        1951 Buick Special Dad put 123.000 miles on it.

But for today:
From a kid I can remember after dad changed the oil in his car he would pat the hood and say, “I know you feel much better now.”  He tried to impress on me the importance of changing the oil. I have been ‘fairly consistent’ but not half as much as daddy.

Some of us have driven cars that have over 200,000 miles on the engine and it still does not ‘burn’ oil. So it is hard for the younger generation to understand that was a time up until the 1970s that you were fortunate if you got 65,000 on an engine before it was ‘using’ at least a quart of oil every 1000 miles. And it was ‘smoking’ from the tail pipe. Back then it was time for an ‘engine overhaul’.

My dad was timely about his engine care which allowed him to reach 100-120,000 miles before an engine needed work, and that was the gospel. When he ‘traded’ cars people were amazed at the mileage and it not ‘smoking.’

Once when I was stationed aboard the USS Independence and was headed out on a cruise, Sherry took the boys back to Belmont for the time I was gone. I made sure I changed the oil in our car before she went home saying, that will be one of the first questions dad will ask you, “When did Jack change the oil last?”
BUT that  time he did not ask. He just ‘assumed’ I had not, and took the car for an oil change. We got a good laugh out of that one. Dad said, “But I felt better!”

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PS:During the oil burning period of cars is when the ‘Used Car Salesman’ got such a bad name. Lots of ways were conjured up to make a car appear NOT to use oil. The buyer only found out a week or so later he had been ‘gipped.’ I might look into that for an entry someday.


Chatty Crone said...

Awe that was so sweet he took care of her in your absence -

betty said...

My hubby is very diligent about changing the oil every 3000 miles and now I guess with the cars we have they can go up to 5000 miles. Such a small thing to keep the car running optimally so its good to get it done. Glad your dad was so good about it too!


Mevely317 said...

Sweet story! Like Betty's hubby, Tom and I've been religious about having our oil changed when the little light on the dashboard reminds.
Son and DIL were adamant, telling us "Toyota has a great reputation, providing you take care of it. I don't know about Tom's Tacoma, but my Camry's pushing 238,000 miles! We've been here 15 months now, and it still isn't 'due'! Used to be I'd have to take it in 3-4 times each year.

Oh, something else! I remember my dad taking our car to the dealer before every road trip for a 'tune-up.' I guess that's not something necessary anymore?

Lisa said...

I remember in my teen years, all I drove was old cars and had to always keep adding a quart of oil to them or water to the radiator. I also carried a wrench and a screwdriver to tap the motor every now and again.
My dad taught me to change oil and filter when he taught me to drive. I was also taught to change a tire and brake pads. Now I keep a car with a warranty!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't do my own oil changes I have a sticker on th window that lets me know when it's time to change the oil. I remember once taking in and the mechanic said I can not charge you for an oil change, that oil is clean and doesn't need it. We don't need changes as often as we used too and at the rate I drive it'll be quite awhile before I'll be needing another. Nice memory of the double oil change. You and your dad were looking out for your sweet Sherry. It's chilly morning in Ohio and I'm trying not to turn the heat on. It's supposed to warm up later on to 75 degrees. Happy Friday to you both.

Rick Watson said...

I no longer change the oil in my cars but they both are serviced religiously.
We routinely get high mileage out of our vehicles.

Dar said...

We have our oil changed religiously every 3000 miles too. So far, so good. I sometimes think it's an excuse for dear man to visit the salesman about renewing his truck ' one more time.' I can't recall how many times I've heard him say,"this is our last truck." LOL I don't mind. He needs to stay safe with only one eye on the road, right? You have some sweet memories of your daddy and his love and care of Sherry. SWEET stuff.
love n' hugs from up north where the sun finally shines after a day of rain.
A happy, relaxed weekend to you both. We'll be at our son's cabin. Happy Father's Day Sunday!

Adi said...

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