Friday, June 28, 2019

Those stranger than fiction incidents

Nice older cars
1941 Graham super charged (pic from packardman)

 Years ago
Son Mark had hired a new crew. I stopped by a two story house we were building. I stepped in, introduced myself to the guy finishing the drywall and went upstairs. THERE HE WAS AGAIN! “How did you do that? I asked astonished.
He fed me a serious line of bull, then laughed. He’s my twin. They were identical twins even to their work clothes. I know they have had a ball in their lives.

A greeter in a church in Tuscon AZ , had a sister in North Belmont, NC, we even knew her.

North Dakota RV park, A man knocks on the coach holding a HUGE egg (Ostrich). “I see you are from North Carolina, I have the egg, if you have the grits?”  We laughed pretty loudly (Grits be a southern thang) He said, “My Uncle was once the postmaster in Belmont, NC.”
“Who is your Uncle?”
“You probably wouldn’t know him, Ed Bullard.”
“I know Ed very well, I have bought some prime land through him.”  (As a matter of fact this house we are in is built on a track of land I bought thru Ed.)

Once renewing driver’s license, the examiner asked, ‘Do you know that Darnell over there?’
I went over and asked, “Who do you belong to?” He was a first cousin, I had not seen him since he was a kid.

Sherry was getting her cataract Surgery in Florida and I saw Joe Carver, at least I thought so. The man looked EXACTLY like Joe, Joe lives in Connecticut.  

Once in the Yooper country of Michigan in a Restaurant, I thought I was seeing a ghost. A man who looked for the world like Dick Lankford, sister Kat’s hubby.

Closing with one of the sweetest instances ever. Dick Lankford (above) died unexpected camping on the Blue Ridge parkway.

Months after his death Sister Kat still had their coach and wanted to continue traveling with us. So Sherry drove her coach and followed me for about a year. Kat, Sherry and I were at a restaurant in Melbourne Florida.

The nicest lady. A Stranger, came over to our table and spoke directly to Kat like they were old friends, “How are you doing sweetheart?”

“OK, but I lost my husband and I am still a little down.”

With a big smile and slight hug she said to Kat, “Oh, but you will see him in the MORNING.”

The lady walked off and we never saw her again. But the thought she left just lifted Kat, and us also! (For that to make sense, you must know the Funeral song, “I will meet you in the morning by the bright River side.”)

(Haunting thought, was that an angel?????)

What is your strangest incident?

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Strange events like that do happen all the is like that for sure. It's extra nice when they turn out to be happy occasions. The good times do help us get through the rough times.

betty said...

Wow those were all good to read! I think the strangest event that I can remember offhand is my son was going to visit my brother and his family when he was 15 years old from Montana to San Diego. He was going to fly by himself but we figured at 15 he could do it. Found out that my brother was flying in from some work thing he was going to and they were going to be on the same flight from Salt Lake City to San Diego. They were even in the same row of seats!


Jean said...

While visiting my son in Texas Christmas my daughter in law and I were grocery shopping and a guy came up to me and said I just wanted to tell you, you look just like my aunt she passed away two weeks ago, you look just like her. Maybe we all have a twin somewhere.(Smile) Take care, Jean.

Mevely317 said...

These are great examples, Jack. Cracked me up about your encounter with the identical twins!
I've no strange 'human' encounters/coincidences .. but the 'strangest thing'? One Sunday evening in the late 90's my mother and I returned to my Tarpon Springs townhouse to find an official notice/door hanger: The police had responded to not one, but TWO, 9-1-1- calls coming from my residence in the wee hours. (Insert goosebumps.) This was still in the age of land-line phones. When I entered, there was nothing amiss - so I called the P.D. and was transferred to a supervisor in the 9-1-1 call center. I had to assure them no-one else had a key and I had been 100 miles away. Nothing as ever discovered, but all these years later I'm troubled/curious about a couple things: If, as they suggested, two phone numbers became switched, what happened to the REAL caller? Also, why on earth didn't the police force the door or a window to see if someone wasn't inside unconscious.

Dar said...

Just recently while grocery shopping, I nearly hugged a lady from behind. She looked exactly like my cousin. When meeting her, she even sounded like her, voice, laugh. It was eerie. I was told that I have an identical twin in the neighboring city. I never met her. The weird thing, my real twin and I only share identical receding hairlines. LOL. We are celebrating our 69th today.
I've also bumped into another lady who resembled my deceased sister. She too, spoke and laughed the same. Coincidence? or angels? I say angels.
love n' hugs from up north enjoying your daily blog and the summers hot days and cooler but still sultry nights. I watched a doe as she lay next to the long grasses at the edge of the lawn for over 2 hrs. AWESOME

Susan Kane said...

4 decades or so in the past, I was grocery shopping. Ahead of me was a man who could have been my brother Robert. He walked the same way, same dark haircut, same glasses...back then I wasn't as bold as I am now. It was a happy moment.

Azka Kamil said...

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